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Skylanders Battlecast, Thrillipede, and Buzzwing to be Released on May 24, 2016

May. 4th 2016


Last week, we reported that there has been a pre-order sighting for the Skylanders Superchargers figures of Thrillipede Buzzwing over at Toys R Us’ website. However, for some reason, the pre-order page referring to these two figures has been removed. Thankfully, we were able to see some important details before it was removed, particularly the release dates that every Skylander collector has been asking. The removed TRU webpage indicated an “Estimated Ship Date” of May 24 as noted by SCL.

Another piece of info may likewise strengthen the notion of a late May release, not just for Thrillipede and Buzzwing, but also for the much awaited cards-to-life game Skylanders Battlecast. The latter has been released already in New Zealand and Australia, with some pre-orders already arranged in Europe. These screenshots were shared by Matt Sonnenberg of Skylanders Characters List from his source at TRU.




The photos above indicate a release date of May 24, both for the Superchargers figures and Battlecast cards. Some fans who were able to take advantage of the supposed pre-orders, reported that TRU sent them an email informing them about the delay in shipment. Though it’s quite puzzling (and frustrating for some customers) why TRU opted to take down the pre-order page, the delay on the other hand somehow makes sense from a promotional stand point, considering that the release date of May 24 is just three weeks before the famed E3 gaming event. This was the similar scenario back in 2015 when Skylanders Superchargers made its debut in June 3 – a good two weeks prior to that year’s E3 convention. Hopefully, Activision will follow the same formula once again with Thrillipede, Buzzwing, and the Skylanders Battlecast.


Skylanders Battlecast is Activision’s entry to the mobile collectible card game that takes advantage of the massive collection of Skylanders characters rendered in either physical or digital card form. Skylanders Battlecast lets players create a team of their favorite Skylanders heroes from physical card packs or digital packs purchased in game, and battle them online against friends or in the game’s single-player campaign.

UPDATE: Amazon Italy has already included images of Thrillipede and Buzzwing in their pre-order listings, but posted an update saying that these figures are currently unavailable.

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Apr. 6th 2016


The World of Skylanders has indeed grown to an epic scale. With 350 characters in its roster, Skylanders is undoubtedly the largest toys-to-life game that ever featured such a wide array of colorful characters and figures.

With so many figures to develop and create, one can only muse about the painstaking details that Activision’s game developers have gone through in order to create Skylanders. Here at Portal Characters, we hoped to capture that awesome feeling of re-creating a Skylander figure through our wonderfully drawn, high-resolution coloring pages that we are offering for free right here. You may download them as images, or as high quality PDF files such as this excellent example of the giant Thumpback as he fends off some chompies. We also have a superb wallpaper version of this that you can download right here.

Skylanders Coloring Pages Free Skylanders Coloring Pages To in The Most Stunning printable coloring pages skylanders

Created by our highly skilled artists over at Color Me World TV, you can see for yourself how this piece of Skylander art is brought into life.

Be sure to visit Color Me World TV for more amazing time lapse drawings that will surely inspire you for your next big Skylanders art.


On a similar note, we found these 10, very impressive coloring pages at Hello Kids that features some of the characters in Skylanders Trap Team such as Wolfgang, Wallop, Thunder Bolt, Snap Shot, Krypt King, Jawbreaker, Head Rush, Gearshift, Flip Wreck, and Chopper. The details on these are equally amazing. Take a look.

wolfgang-coloring-page_v76 wallop-coloring-page_puj thunder-bolt-coloring-page_8m5 snap-shot-coloring-page_4hk krypt-king-coloring-page_y76 jawbreaker-coloring-page_h9g head-rush-coloring-page_nfu gearshift-coloring-page_l5f flip-wreck-coloring-page_m3v chopper-coloring-page_6bc


The Hello Kids site also offers a unique feature that allows users to create their own coloring pages using the Coloring Page Factory. You can choose from a wide variety of themes including, of course, from the vast selection of Skylanders characters. Who knows, you might even bring out the Skylanders artist in you.

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Mar. 10th 2016

Skylanders_StandAlone_L_highres nintendo-la-gran-n-nintendo-nx-1200x500


Activision, the developer of the original toys-to-life series, Skylanders, are now looking at a new horizon offered by the latest console Nintendo has to offer – the Nintendo NX. According to an industry insider who is known for notoriously being accurate with regards to his predictions (aka leaks), Skylanders are eyed to hit the NX alongside Bungie’s first person shooter, Destiny.


According to Dual Pixels, enigmatic insider Geno shared the following information:

Activision plans on bringing Skylanders at launch to the NX along with the next Call of Duty game called “Bloodlines” in Fall 2016. In 2017, the company will team up with Platinum Games to launch Spider-Man: The First Avenger which will tie into the MCU movie and universe. Activision is also being given “hard bargains” by Nintendo to have BETA access to “Beyond Destiny”, the sequel to Destiny which plans to launch Holiday 2017.

The site also explains the reason behind Activision’s move as something strategic. Bringing in Skylanders and Destiny to Nintendo’s NX platform will allow Activision access not just to a big NX user base, but also the opportunity of offering the franchise to a new type of audience. If everything goes well, we might be seeing the new Skylanders alongside the NX when it debuts at E3 this year, and more so when the NX launches in the market sometime in 2017.


Like any other predictions, nothing is considered final until we hear the official news from Nintendo. Until such time, we will place this bit of info under the “Crystal Ball” category.

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Power Blue Skylanders Available at GameStop

Mar. 1st 2016

Earlier today, we wrote about the new Power Blue Skylanders figures and vehicles as part of Activision’s partnership with ‘Autism Speaks’. You should be seeing these new figures in your local retailers.

They are also currently available at as well.

Power Blue Skylanders


These ‘Autism Speaks’ Power Blue figures and vehicles include Splat, Trigger Happy, Gold Rusher and Splatter Splasher.

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Feb. 9th 2016

The two special Spring/Easter Skylanders, Eggcited Thrillipede and Spring Ahead Dive Bomber, are available at retail price on Amazon.



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Nitro Soda Skimmer Located at Target Stores

Jan. 14th 2016

Reports are that shoppers are beginning to find the Nitro Soda Skimmer single pack showing up at Target stores. This pack is a Target Exclusive and contains the Skylanders SuperChargers Nitro Soda Skimmer vehicle which is a variant to the Soda Skimmer.


What’s interesting about this release is that the regular Soda Skimmer vehicle has not been released. We are expecting that the Soda Skimmer and Big Bubble Pop Fizz Combo Pack will be released later this month. This pack will include the Soda Skimmer vehicle and Big Bubble Pop Fizz.

Are you seeing Nitro Soda Skimmer in your Target? Let us know!


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Birthday Bash Big Bubble Pop Fizz Now Available, Box Art

Jan. 6th 2016

The Birthday Bash Big Bubble Pop Fizz single pack is now available to purchase at Toys ‘R Us.

Skylanders Birthday Bash Big Bubble Pop Fizz

You can see here this Birthday Bash variant of Pop Fizz is a special edition release to celebrate the 5th year of the Skylanders franchise. This is a variant of Big Bubble Pop Fizz that includes a fun box with birthday confetti, and some extensive recoloring of Pop Fizz as well as stars added to his bubble blower. Here is a side-by-side comparison of the two figures. This is the 7th release of Pop Fizz.

Skylanders Birthday Bash Big Bubble Pop Fizz Big Bubble Pop Fizz Skylanders SuperChargers

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Skylanders Kaos Trophy Pack Release Date + Pre-Order…GameStop Exclusive

Jan. 5th 2016

The Kaos Trophy Pack has a release date for this Friday, January 8th. I got this information by having a GameStop print out their release dates. Now, a flyer that has been floating around says it’s available on the 9th as does their website. Either way, it’s available this weekend. The Kaos Trophy magic item was originally only available in the Dark Edition SuperChargers Starter Packs. We are not sure if GameStop is just getting the early release on this or if it is truly exclusive. Either way, look for it this weekend at $7.99. Oh! And it’s available for pre-order on their website.


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Bowser and Donkey Kong SuperChargers Combo Packs Officially Announced…Available!

Jan. 5th 2016

Today, Activision officially announced that the Hammer Slam Bowser and Clown Cruiser SuperCharged Combo Pack and Turbo Charge Donkey Kong and Barrel Blaster SuperCharged Combo Pack are now available! It interesting that they were announced as being available now. I have not be able to locate them anywhere online except for a few marketplaced listings on Amazon for the Donkey Kong pack. Remember, both of the figures will also be compatible with Amiibo. Retail price is $24.99. Have you seen these in store? Let us know where!

Skylanders / Amiibo Combo Packs

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First Look at Birthday Bash Big Bubble Pop Fizz, Eggcited Thrillipede!

Jan. 1st 2016

The last few days has brought us our first look at some special coming Skylanders. We don’t know exact release dates, but many are speculating that Eggcited Thrillipede is this year’s Easter Skylander and Birthday Bash Big Bubble Pop Fizz is to celebrate 5 years of the Skylanders franchise!

Eggcited Thrillipede Skylander


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