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This Yokai Watch 3 and Final Fantasy XIV Mash Up Is One Crossover You Don’t Want to Miss

May. 4th 2016

Fate in Tokyo

Square Enix and Level-5 recently announced its latest collaboration that is sure to ramp up the level of excitement of all Yo-kai Watch fans out there. We’re just starting to savour the first international release of the Yo-Kai Watch for the Nintendo 3DS, and yet Level-5 is adding more features to its Yo-Kai Watch 3: Sushi and Tempura, with its recent collaboration with Square Enix. The said project was announced via live stream, Letter from the Producer segment, aired from Final Fantasy XIV’s official YouTube channel last April 29.

In terms of Nintendo-related content, the said collaboration will spawn 2 new yo-kais on the Yo-Kai Watch side, featuring the never-before-seen Chocobonyan (Jibanyan riding a chocobo) and Mooglinyan. The said yokais will appear in Yo-Kai Watch 3: Sushi and Tempura and will apparently showcase two new medals as well.



yo-kai-watch-final-fantasy-4 FFXIV-x-Yokai-Watch_2016_04-29-16_038


Thirteen familiar yokais will also make an appearance in Square Enix’s massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) Final Fantasy XIV as an Adventurer avatar companion. Several yokai-themed weapons will also be made available, including an equippable yo-kai watch, and a Whisper flying mount. You may check with for more pictures and screenshots.

FFXIV-x-Yokai-Watch_2016_04-29-16_008 FFXIV-x-Yokai-Watch_2016_04-29-16_003 FFXIV-x-Yokai-Watch_2016_04-29-16_002 FFXIV-x-Yokai-Watch_2016_04-29-16_009 FFXIV-x-Yokai-Watch_2016_04-29-16_017 FFXIV-x-Yokai-Watch_2016_04-29-16_032 FFXIV-x-Yokai-Watch_2016_04-29-16_034 FFXIV-x-Yokai-Watch_2016_04-29-16_033


Level-5’s Yo-Kai Watch 3: Sushi and Tempura will be released in Japan on July 16 under the Nintendo 3DS.


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Apr. 14th 2016

yokai watch dracunyan

Just a couple of hours ago, Yo-Kai Watch’s official Twitter page hinted on a new yokai to unlock and befriend via its mobile app game Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble. For a limited only, or to be more exact, from April 14 to 24, get a chance to have the exclusive Dracunyan Wib Wob by clearing new event missions.

The Dracunyan yokai may be unlocked by completing certain mission via the “Events” tab of the app’s Mission Menu. When you clear a mission, you don’t just get one Dracunyan but several of them boosting his Soultimate Level all the quicker. Dracunyan’s Soultimate Move will change other Wib Wob into Dracunyans as well. This helps create a bigger Dracunyan Wib Wob dealing out a huge amount of damage in order to clear other missions and earn stars.

blood sucker


Since some missions cannot be unlocked until you have claimed mission rewards, you must check that you’ve claimed the necessary rewards first. The Dracunyan Wib Wob is only available until April 24 so we hope you don’t miss out on this. To help you work your way out and have your very own Dracunyan Wib Wob, AbdallahSmash provides this neat walkthrough video.

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Apr. 4th 2016


Two weeks ago, National Video Games writer Patrick Hickey Jr. had an exclusive interview Level 5’s CEO Akihiro Hino. Talking about the highly successful mobile app game based on the hottest anime around, Yo-Kai Watch, Mr. Akihiro shared more than just the inspiration behind the game.

Towards the end of the interview, Mr. Akihiro revealed what’s next in the world of the yokai. The answer hugely delighted the entire Yo-kai fandom. According to Mr. Akihiro,

We have a robust and exciting schedule planned for YO-KAI WATCH Wibble Wobble, so stay tuned! In terms of the overall IP, season 1 of YO-KAI WATCH will be coming to Netflix this April, and if you paid attention to New York Toy Fair this year, you’ll know that Hasbro has a long line of new toys scheduled to come out this year as well!



That’s correct, you heard it right straight from the CEO. Yo-kai Watch is now available for streaming at Netflix for North America. Initially offered through Disney XD, the popular Japanese anime’s current 26 episodes will be available to stream for anyone with a subscription to Netflix’s online service in the US. We’re not sure yet how long the series will be available according to Hardcore Gamer, but it is definitely a welcome treat for all the fans of the series and a big exposure for game developer Level 5.


In another part of the yokai-loving world, our friends over in the United Kingdom will also have a chance to experience the Yo-kai Watch phenomenon starting April 23 via Cartoon Network. Furthermore, it was reported by Animation Magazine that following the U.K. launch, Yo-Kai Watch will be available in over 100 countries worldwide. It will be offered in France via BOING this April, on Gulli on September 1 and on Cartoon Network in March, 2017. The Dutch will also experience the Yo-kai fever once it airs over Germany, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands starting on May 21. The same goes in Italy when it debuts on Cartoon Network also this April which will later be featured on BOING.

And the list goes on – in Spain, Africa, Portugal, Turkey, Poland, and Israel just to name a few. Definitely, Yo-kai Watch is destined to be a global hit and phenomena anytime soon.


n case you’re still wondering what this is all about, head over to this article for a brief description of the Yo-Kai Watch, and right here for a complete list of the yo-kai characters and their respective medals from Series 1.

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Mar. 31st 2016



Widely read and respected Japanese video game news magazine Famitsu has recently came up with superb high-resolution pages of its latest in-focus games. Published in both weekly and monthly formats, Famitsu usually highlights topical issues that focus on a particular console, video game company, or any other theme it can think of.  Its current issue pays attention to the newest game titles to hit the gaming scene such as the fast rising Yo-kai Sangokushi and LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Take a look at these scanned pages.

scan_1 scan_2 scan_7 scan_8



Yo-kai Sangokushi’ or ‘Yo-Kai Three Kingdoms’ is a Nintendo 3DS game developed by Level 5, due for release on April 2 in Japan. It pits your favorite yokais from the Ko-Kai Watch anime series as military commanders in a fight for the unification and peace of ‘Sakura Country’. Level 5 claims that the 3DS game will feature as many as 400 yokais. If you wish to see the rest of these yokais in their medal form, just head over our database or click here.

lego star wars the force awakens

Included in the above scans are cool screenshots from the LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens video game developed by Traveller’s Tales and TT Fusion. It is the latest LEGO-themed Star Wars video game to hit consoles, and comes with an exclusive Finn FN-2187 LEGO minifigure set to be released on June 28, 2016.



Source: Nintendo Everything


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Mar. 28th 2016


Yes, you heard it right. We just included Japan’s hottest toy around, the Yo-kai Watch. Based on the hit manga and anime series of the same title, the Yo-kai Watch has been exclusively released and distributed by Hasbro in North America. As seen in the anime series, the Yo-kai Watch features traditional yokai (which means spirits or monsters) from Japanese folklore. In a similar take as that of Pokemon, you get to collect Yo-Kai medals after each successful encounter and battle against a mischievous, or trouble-causing yokai. The watch also allows the bearer to see a yokai by scanning the nearby vicinity. Watch this video from Yo-kai Watch’s official season 1 trailer to get a better grasp of what the world of Yo-kai Watch is all about.

Obviously, the actual toy that Hasbro has introduced in the US does not allow its bearer to see or even capture any supernatural being or yokai. Nevertheless, it was a huge sensation among Japanese kids and their parents (who by the way, have to bear lining up for hours just to grant their child’s wish). The Yo-kai watch is distributed by Bandai in Japan and has been very rare to find recently because of the heavy demand that it has seen in the country.


In the US, Hasbro packages the Yo-kai Watch together with two medals that you put inside the watch to activate the myriad of sounds stored in the device similar to that in the anime. It should be noted that the watch itself does not tell time, and that Hasbro claims that it can uniquely identify all 100+ medals stored in the watch’s memory. Watch this video to see how the actual Yo-kai watch works.

As of to date, Hasbro has a webpage dedicated to Yo-kai Watch. It features all Yo-kai related merchandise and other cool accessories that go along with it. Of course, at the heart of the fan craze about Yo-kai watch are the collectible medals itself. Hasbro has already released all 44 medals under Series 1, with 50 more medals to be released with Series 2 during Spring. As you may have noticed, we have listed all 44 Yo-Kai medals from Series 1 here in Portal Characters so we’re leaving a lot of room for the next series of medals to be announced soon. You can also filter out the medals as per their tribe so you can easily identify them. But if you want a quick, first look on how the Series 2 medals will be like, Hasbro has uploaded a poster that features all medals from both series.


Hasbro also has an app that goes along with the Yo-kai Watch Land. The app has a cool feature that allows you to scan the medal’s unique QR code (which we also included in our database for each particular medal) found at the back so you can see your yokai come to life in the app’s Befriend Zone, and to unlock other features. It also has a Photobooth function that allows you take a picture with your favorite yokai, and a couple of arcade games such as a Manji-mess, Capsule Escape, and Robo Choco. The app may be downloaded both from the Apple App Store and Google’s Play.

yokai app yokai app 3 us-ipad-2-yo-kai-watch-land screen322x572

Lastly, if you wish to explore and know more about the world of the yokai and that of the Yo-kai Watch, there’s an excellent, informative wiki page dedicated to this. We’ll surely keep an eye on this newest toy craze so stay tuned here at Portal Characters!



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Mar. 28th 2016


Level-5, the game developer of the hit role-playing game for the Nintendo 3DS, Yo-kai Watch, has a treat for all of yokai-loving fans out there. They recently launched their latest mobile app game as inspired by the phenomenal Disney XD television series.  Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble is a puzzle-battle game that allows players to collect creatures based on Japanese folklore called ‘yokai’ and take them to battle against other yokais.


Players can select up to five Wib Wob symbols (yo-kai characters that you have selected to bring to battle) on the game board which players can use in battle for each level of the game. By tapping on the Wib Wob symbol, players can deal damage against a yokai opponent, and by drawing lines to connect and combine similar Wib Wobs to create a larger Wib Wob, causes much greater damage.


You can also do some pretty cool attack combos by rapidly tapping multiple larger Wib Wobs. A Wib Wob also has a special attack called ‘Soultimate Moves’ that deals large damage against the enemy. However, players must use this sparingly and only in tight situations.


Watch the Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble Game trailer below.

After each successful campaign battle, players are awarded up to three stars. For example, these stars may be related to achieving a specific objective such as earning a particular number of points in a battle, or creating a Wib Wob of a certain size.

Your chosen yokai also earns points in each of its successful battle, making it stronger over time. Similar to Pokemon’s gameplay, players may also ‘befriend’ the yokais that they defeat in battle allowing them to be summoned into future battles. In-game currency called ‘Y-Money’ are also rewarded to players as they go along, and maybe used in receiving additional yokais and other useful shop items such as food to feed enemy yokais to make them easier to befriend.

yo-kai ranks

Other than its Campaign Missions, the Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble is also has timed event missions, and a Score Attack Mode where players have to earn as many points as they can during a timed battle. With its cool graphics, and of course, having our favorite Yo-kai Watch characters rendered to little puff balls of awesome cuteness will surely make this game a hit for everyone. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem any of the medals are available to scan for upgrading.

Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

Source: Social Times


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