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The big reveal with Disney Infinity NEXT last Tuesday just doesn’t seem to end with the announcement of further content and support for 3.0. VP of Production, John Vignocchi, offered a big tease at the end of the episode when he said, “We’ll see you next time, where we’ll give you an update on some of our favorite fish and take a peek through the looking glass.” Check out the video and listen to what he says at 11:35.

The tease was a confirmation of what Infinity Inquirer has reported recently regarding the next possible Infinity figures (i.e. leaks) that will come out next in tandem with Disney’s theatrical releases. In one of its posts, Infinity Inquirer cited a particular tweet from a French magazine that roughly translates, “Find Alice, the Mad Hatter and Time in the video game Disney Infinity 3.0”. Considering the tweet was almost a month old, and taking into account the teaser from Vignocchi, then it’s just a matter of time (pun intended) before we see their figures rolling out in shelves. Now if we will base it on how they released the Judy and Nick figures which coincided with Zootopia’s theatrical release, then we can safely assume that we’ll be seeing Alice, the Mad Hatter and Time sometime before June 1.


Infinity Inquirer was also keen to point out its reasons for believing at the start of this year that Finding Dory will definitely enter into the scene of Disney Infinity 3.0. After a process of elimination of what could be the best bet, and considering the ‘pattern’ that is slowly emerging regarding the release of new Infinity figures based on the Disney theme – we now have official releases for Zootopia, and the Jungle Book – it is somehow reasonable to believe that the next line-up of Disney movies will have its share of figures. As the Infinity Team is so fond of saying, “If it is happening at the Walt Disney Company, it’s happening inside Disney Infinity.”  Again, Vignocchi’s ‘enigmatic’ teaser confirms this. This means that we might be looking at four or five new figures slated to be released before June prior to Finding Dory’s release roughly two weeks after Alice Through the Looking Glass.



So when can we expect the official release of these figures? We really can’t tell as of now, but we’ll keep our eyes and ears open to this as we wait for the next episode of Disney Infinity NEXT presumably sometime in May.

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