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First Look at the Disney Infinity 3.0 Nemo Figure!


Nemo Disney Infinity figure Nemo

Yep, we have found him alright! We now have what seems to be our very first official image of the much talked about Disney Infinity figure that will go along with the presumed Finding Dory Playset. We now see the pieces slowly falling into place. After the ‘unintentional’ appearance of Dory on a macaroni box last March, and the recent listings of foreign retailers’ sites about a Disney Infinity ‘Nemo’ figure, today’s find puts the final nail in the coffin so to speak. has listed this latest Disney Infinity figure that comes with two bonus Power Discs. We’re not quite sure if this is a mistake so we’re posting a screenshot here in case the page will be eventually removed and be replaced with an ‘oops sorry, someone messed up’ page.

Nemo Amazon Screenshot

Nemo Disney Infinity figure _box Nemo Disney Infinity figure _box_2 Nemo Disney Infinity figure


As of this writing, there is neither a price indicated nor pre-orders mentioned on’s site for this Disney Infinity Nemo, hence no announced date of release.

Disney Infinity Power Disc Seascape Nemo Disney Infinity figure disc 02



What is interesting though is the fact that this Nemo figure comes bundled with two Power Discs labelled as ‘Nemo’s Seascape’ and ‘Marlin’s Reef Power Disc’ as seen above. Does this mean Marlin will also debut in Disney Infinity 3.0? This and a lot more questions are expected to be answered once the next edition of Disney Infinity NEXT kicks in.


Thank you Disney Infinity Codes for this great tip!

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One Comment on “First Look at the Disney Infinity 3.0 Nemo Figure!”

  1. Charles Fasano Says:

    Weren’t those 2 power discs already released in Disney Infinity 1.0?

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