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Foreign Retailers Confirm Disney Infinity Finding Dory Play Set Coming Soon



Since the epic, ‘unintentional’ mac and cheese reveal of our favorite Blue Tang fish in her Disney Infinity rendition last month, and the teaser of John Vignochi, Vice President of Production for Disney Infinity, much has been said already on this highly anticipated play set. More recently, various foreign retailers have been listed Nemo as a Disney Infinity 3.0 figure, including a Finding Dory Pack Playset. According to Infinity Inquirer, at least 5 different foreign retailers have already updated their database to include this latest Disney Infinity playset. Namely, these are Amazon Italy, Amazon Japan, Player One, Multimedia Shop, and Central Point, with the last two being Dutch websites. Here are some screenshots from some of these retailers. The photo above is courtesy of

Central Point via iheartinfinity_ Screen-Shot-2016-04-20-at-23.38.34-768x295

Screen grab of Central Point courtesy of

amazon italy via diskingdom_image-187-696x568

Amazon Italy screenshot courtesy of

multimediashop_via iheartinfinity_disney-infinit-finding-dory-play-set-768x432

Screenshot of website courtesy of

Though the European retailers clearly mentions that the release dates for the Disney Infinity Finding Dory playset is scheduled on June 23, Infinity Inquirer predicts that in the US, there is a great chance of having this released earlier, sometime in June 14 – three days before the debut of the latest Disney Pixar film and sequel, Finding Dory on June 17. Given that a playset and a separate figure are both listed on these sites, it is highly possible that we will be seeing 2 or 3 Disney Infinity figures added to the roster of 3.0. Other than Dory, it is expected that Nemo and Hank (or Marlin?) will be the additional figures. Unfortunately, we don’t have any official reveal or images of these figures save that from the box of Kraft’s Mac and Cheese.

disney infinity finding dory


Here’s a video from Infiniteer Adventures that neatly summarizes everything we know so far about this next Disney Infinity playset.

We’ll be on the lookout for this and we’ll update as soon as new information arrives, so be sure to stay tuned here at Portal Characters.

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