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Here’s What Happening on the Skylanders Scene



It has been a while since we’ve featured some news on Skylanders, and it was relatively quiet in this area of the toys-to-life scene. So before it becomes too quiet and we become oblivious of what’s going on, here is a pretty good summary to help us keep tabs on what’s happening in Skylanders. Let’s begin with the obvious and perhaps what is anticipated by most of us – the last in our checklist from Skylanders Superchargers.


Pre-order Sightings for Skylanders Superchargers Thrillipede and Buzz Wing



These last two figures from the latest Superchargers line up has been making several appearances over at several retailer sites. First reported at the beginning of this month, Thrillipede and signature vehicle Buzz Wing, have been reported to be prelisted at Amazon Italy with a release date set for May 13, 2016 for both figures. If you head over to and set it to display from most recent or available from, you’ll notice that the first two results refers to the Buzz Wing and Thrilipede figures respectively. As of this writing, there have been no proper or updated images posted yet on the site. Amazon Italy even used an Eggcited Thrilipede image rather than the actual Thrilipede. You may remember from last February that Skylanders released a special edition spring version of Eggcited Thrilipede, bundled with the Spring Ahead Dive Bomber.

Thrillipede Box Skylanders Buzz Wing

A couple of days ago, we saw the same listing in the Toys R Us website in the US, complete with all the proper images and box art with an estimated ship date of May 24, – more than a week after the expected release in Italy. However, as of this writing, the same listing has been removed from the pages referencing to Buzz Wing and Thrilipede.


When Will Skylanders Battlecast Take Off?

Since its announcement last year, there has been a lot of anticipation for Skylanders Battlecast – the mobile collectible card game that takes advantage of the massive collection of Skylanders characters rendered in either physical or digital card form. Skylanders Battlecast lets players create a team of their favorite Skylanders heroes from physical card packs or digital packs purchased in game, and battle them online against friends or in the game’s single-player campaign.

The physical cards are scanned into the game with a mobile device. Players can also scan two character cards to create animated duels with the augmented reality characters. We’re not really sure how this iteration will work, or how the gameplay is exactly since the Battlecast cards are not yet available in the US, and seems to have found their way only in the UK and New Zealand. Though Activision just announced during UK’s largest gaming convention – the Insomnia57 – that fans can expect a Spring 2016 release, still there is no solid date on the horizon. We hope Activision will speed things up so more fans can enjoy this mobile, toys-to-life game.

Here’s a look at the official Skylanders Battlecast trailer followed by some images of its characters. Card images are courtesy of Skylanders Inquirer.

SpitFireCard Spyro_Battlecast_Card Stealth_ElfCard_Small Jet-VacCard Hot_HeadCard



Some Updates on Skylanders Academy


We reported last February that alongside Activision’s announcement of a 6th Skylanders game on the works, a new animated series made for television will also be launched as well. Skylanders Academy will focus on the training and homeworld of the Skylanders, and is expected to premiere in Fall of this year. Thanks to Head Writer Eric Rogers, we’re getting bits and pieces of information about this first Activision Blizzard’s TV series. According to Rogers, this is what fans can expect from Skylanders Academy.

  • The first season will have 10-13 episodes, with 30 minutes per episode.
  • The focus will be on Spyro.
  • The series will be a mix of action and comedy, similar to what happens when you mash Gravity Falls with Futurama. Rogers was quick to point out that Skylanders Academy is not primarily a kid’s show, so it’s kind of interesting how this will come out.
  • The choice of network is still being worked out.

Rogers is quite excited actually about this project, and he welcomes any questions via his Twitter account as long you don’t ask for any spoilers or leaks.


So that’s it for now, and we’ll definitely keep you posted on all the things that are going in Skyland. We’re sure excited to see the how the next Skylander game will turn out, especially it is rumored that the next game in the franchise has something to do with Nintendo’s mysterious NX Console.  What do you think? What are you most excited about in Skylanders? Share us your thoughts in the comments section below.


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