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Is The Fastest Hedgehog On The Face Planet Coming To LEGO Dimensions?



It seems that LEGO’s take to the toys-to-life scene is going to turn a new page with what most fans refer to as Series 2 of LEGO Dimensions. We are still in a contemplative mood on what the speculated new series will look like following the reveal of Supergirl and Green Lantern. This time around, news is steadily building around a predicted, soon-to-be-added character to LEGO Dimensions in the person of the fastest hedgehog on the face planet.


Stemming from a rumor way back in September 2015 where an alleged list (leak?) of placeholder names for future LEGO Dimensions packs made its way online, one particular placeholder that goes by 71244 S1 was initially thought of belonging to SEGA’s Sonic the Hedgehog. However, as the months prodded along, news became scant about this. Disclaimer: unfortunately, we cannot publish the full list right here for everyone to see. But if you’re really raving to find out what’s in them, there are plenty of sources on the internet that will lead you to this.

Now just recently, LEGO insider CM4Sci over at Eurobricks dished out another hefty serving of a teaser when he said with conviction that Sonic is indeed coming to LEGO Dimensions. To quote CM4Sci, “I also know for a fact Sonic is in if that confirms anything.” As much as I would like to take things with a grain of salt with this one, CM4Sci’s announcements are like words from a prophet within the LEGO fan community.  Several mainstream LEGO and gaming blogsites have already cited CM4Sci’s claim, including The Brick Fan, Brick Fanatics in the UK, the Brink Inquirer, and Nintendo Everything just to name a few.

To wrap it up, this is what has been strongly predicted so far to be part of LEGO Dimensions Series 2:

Supergirl, considering that LEGO has confirmed her already. She is said to make a debut in this year Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in mid June of this year.
Green Lantern, since we have two in-game videos that were discovered already.
Sonic the Hedgehog
Knight Rider (speculations are strong with this one, though not necessarily welcomed by some).
Adventure Time, this may be an offshoot of a potential partnership with Cartoon Network.
Harry Potter
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Teen Titans GO!

Again, exciting as this may sound for most of us, we encourage you to put things in perspective – that these are all rumors until we see or hear LEGO’s official announcement about them. We also expect more news to come, especially that we’re roughly months away from E3 and San Diego Comic Con in July.

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