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New LEGO Dimensions Super Girl Confirmed




Earlier this month, we reported on the likely inclusion of another set of superheroes to be added to the roster of LEGO Dimensions characters. The report mentioned the listing of certain pieces in LEGO’s Replacement Parts service which were suspected to belong to DC Comics’ Super Girl. In addition to that, a video was uploaded to YouTube showing the LEGO Dimensions gameplay for Super Girl and Green Arrow.

As it turns out, we now have confirmation that Supergirl will indeed be a part of the next wave of LEGO Dimensions characters hopefully just in time for June’s E3 gaming event. A building guide for LEGO Dimension’s Supergirl can now be downloaded from LEGO servers as reported by BricksFans, with a set number of 71340. Brickset has already updated their database to include this set as well. It can be noticed that the head and hair on this minifigure closely matches that of the pieces found in LEGO replacement service.


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Though Supergirl’s LEGO Dimensions iteration is somehow similar to her minifigure found in LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Brainiac Attack 76040 particularly with regards to the torso and legs, the hair and head are different. Super Heroes minifig collectors may find this a worthwhile pick once it is released a couple of months from now.

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71340 Supergirl 76040


Another noticeable difference is the color of Supergirl’s Toy Tag base. Unlike other LEGO Dimensions characters with their translucent blue toy tag base, Supergirl seems to have an orange base instead. This could suggest that the next series of characters will either have a similarly colored base to distinguish them from the previous waves, or it could be an E3 promotional.

In any case, such reveal is a good indicator that a LEGO Dimensions Green Arrow might officially debut soon. LEGO definitely has further plans in store for its toys-to-life hit video game, especially that the release date for LEGO Dimensions’ last wave of characters (Wave 5) is almost a month away. Wave 5 marks the end of support for the current LEGO Dimensions including the Slimer Fun Pack (71241), the Ninjago Lloyd Fun Pack (71239), and DC Bane Fun Pack (71240), all of which are due for release on May 31st.

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