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Nintendo Direct’s March 3 episode paved the way for tons of games and amiibo support that fans can expect during the first half of 2016. Towards the end of Bill Trinen’s (Senior Product Marketing Manager of Nintendo America) presentation, he gave some pretty exciting news about everyone’s favorite pink puffball in the latest series of games to hit the 3DS.

Kirby Planet Robobot saw the brave, little puffball thwarting the attacks of an invading robotic army bent to mechanize his Dreamland home. Since the game’s official debut last month, interest in Kirby and the rest of his Dreamland pals have gained momentum and are now in high gear even before the game releases in Japan on April 28 and in the US on June 10.

Prior to these dates, we’ve seen lots of reviews and info on what Kirby fans can expect from Kirby Planet Robobot. Here’s our wrap-up of Kirby Planet Robobot, highlighting the most important aspects of the game, and of course a look at the amiibos that will complement your gaming experience in the little puffball’s latest adventure.


More than 25 Copy Abilities Plus New Ones – Doctor, Poison, ESP

Kirby is known for his ability to absorb his enemies and utilize their powers against them. We will see him once again wielding his usual copy of Fire and Ice powers in Planet Robobot, together with a set of new, never-before-seen powers. The Nintendo’s Japanese website dedicated to Kirby: Planet Robobot is an excellent resource of all the things that Kirby can do. As reported by iDigitalTimes, the site revealed two new copy abilities, plus another one that is quite mysterious but equally powerful. This was already hinted upon by Bill Trinen during his presentation when he mentioned that Kirby will have more than 25 copy abilities throughout the game. Among his copy abilities, the newer ones are the Poison, Doctor, and ESP (Esper in Japanese) abilities.

The Poison ability lets Kirby use projectile poison to damage enemies. He can also use the poison spouting from his head, similar to a geyser that can be directed against enemies. Using this ability allows Kirby to spout a gas cloud that has a wider range of damage which he follows-up with a powerful combo similar to his Cutting ability. Finally, using this ability allows Kirby to ride a poison wave that leaves a trail of poison that can damage any enemies in its path while increasing his walk speed. This is one excellent ability that Kirby can use during his boss battles.

switch_chara_poison Poison gameplay

On the opposite spectrum of his Poison Ability is Kirby’s equally powerful Doctor Ability. This ability allows Kirby to fire pills at his opponent similar to Doctor Mario in Super Smash Bros. Kirby can also charge up and at the right time, can unleash a barrage of pills in all directions while spinning and using his cape like a weapon. With a clipboard in hand, Kirby can use this as a melee weapon for close quarter combat. Doctor Kirby also uses a syringe to shoot rainbow liquid in the air, which damages any flying enemy right above him. Kirby can also use his test tubes and lab equipment to concoct an ice attack to freeze nearby enemies.

switch_chara_doctor Doctor

Kirby’s third ability is quite a mystery since Nintendo has not given any details about it. Naming it as Kirby’s Esper or ESP ability, Kirby seems to be capable of teleporting himself at any part of the screen, and create a ball of aura that can absorb energy attacks, charging it up, and releasing it throwing it back against his enemies.

switch_chara_esper Esper gameplay

Here’s Nintendo Japan’s latest trailer for Kirby: Planet Robobot. The first part of the video shows several of Kirby’s copy abilities in action.


10 Robobot Armor Modes Plus More.

Trinen also mentioned that the ‘kicker’ in Kirby: Planet Robobot is the little puffball’s new ability to control his enemies’ tech. This introduces a new level of gameplay where Kirby not only gets to absorb his opponent’s abilities, but also ride and operate their powerful robots and use it against them. “His Robobot Armor is extremely strong, to the point that it can actually destroy obstacles that are standing Kirby’s way. Taking a page from Kirby himself, the Robobot Armor can also copy enemy abilities and use powerful, modified versions of it called modes. The Robobot Armor can use more than 10 modes,” Trinen said.

Nintendo Everything, citing Famitsu – a widely read Japanese gaming magazine in Japan – mentions several details about Kirby’s powerful Robobot Armor modes. NE specifically mentions five armor modes, while the Japanese Kirby website revealed eight, with the official Japanese trailer revealing two more modes.

Beam Mode: shoots electric balls which become bigger if the energy is charged. The Bouncer Beam attacks enemies while it’s bouncing.

switch_chara_beam switch_chara_beam2

Fire Mode: Attacks enemies with “Crimson Tail” which spews fire. You can freely change the direction of the fire. You can also attack enemies with fire that spreads on ground.


Sword Mode: Attacks with Power Beam Sabers that extend from arms. Other than a combo attack, it also has a wide-range Spinning Attack with both sabers.


Ice Mode: Attack with cold blizzards. You can freeze enemies into ice blocks, or freeze water pillars to turn them into platforms that can be stepped on


Parasol Mode: Its biggest characteristic is the propellers protruding from both shoulders, which can be used to fly or even attack enemies.

Kirby Parasol

Other than these abilities, Kirby can utilize the Bomb, Cutter, Jet, Spark, Wheel Robobot, and Stone modes among others, which are very useful on certain terrains and against hard-to-beat enemies.


switch_chara_bomb switch_chara_bomb2


switch_chara_cutter2switch_chara_cutter  switch_chara_jet  switch_chara_jet2switch_chara_spark2switch_chara_spark switch_chara_wheel switch_chara_wheel2

Here’s a video from GameXplain showing a 3DS direct feed of Kirby: Planet Robobot and some of the Robot modes that Kirby can use.


…And of Course the Amiibos!

With the announcement of Kirby: Planet Robobot came the equally exciting announcement of Trinen for a new line-up of Kirby amiibos that will also launch alongside the 3DS game. We haven’t seen much of these figures up until now, but YouTube channel MyGamingBoulevard gave us a firsthand look on these cute figures as they were revealed by Nintendo during the FACTS Spring Edition 2016 in Flanders Expo, Ghent, Belgium.


In terms of availability, we previously reported that the newest line of Kirby amiibos which includes Kirby himself, Meta Knight, Waddle Dee, and King Dedede were listed by and made available for US buyers. The good news is as of this writing, Amazon US has already listed these amiibos for pre-order, sold and fulfilled by Excite Japan. Take note that these amiibos are the Japanese version with a release date of April 28, similar to date of release in Japan. Buyers also have the option of waiting for the US version which is now listed for pre-order by Walmart and Best Buy, and will be released on June 10, as mentioned by Nintendo US.

Amazon Kirby Japan Import

What Does it Do?

Trinen capped his presentation of Kirby with an overview on how these new amiibos will function in Kirby: Planet Robobot. “When you tapped in any of these Kirby series amiibos, Kirby will receive a copy ability, but he’ll also get a costume unique to each figure,” Trinen explains. To cap everything off, tapping the Kirby amiibo unlocks a UFO copy ability that is unique to the game. “The [Star]Kirby amiibo figure grants him [Kirby] a power that you can only get in this game with amiibo: the UFO ability.” Of course, the other amiibos are quite impressive as well: tapping the Meta Knight amiibo will a Meta Knight themed sword ability, Waddle Dee will unlock a parasol and costume, and the King Dedede amiibo will grant Kirby the ability to wield a massive and destructive hammer. Watch this video excerpt from Nintendo Japan courtesy of GameXplain.



Nintendo seems to have an aesthetic flair recently with their latest offering of amiibo dioramas. The intention was to give amiibo owners a great way of displaying their amiibos in a way that is closer to those figures’ theme. For instance, they came up with two themes straight from the Battlefield Stage of Smash Bros and from Kirby’s home world, Dreamland. Both dioramas retail at $14.99 each and are now available for pre-order via Play Asia. As an added treat, Nintendo bundles the Dreamland diorama together with a Star Kirby amiibo retailing at $24.99 and is also available for pre-order at Play Asia. These dioramas are scheduled for release on April 28, same as that of the Japanese version amiibos.

smash_bros_diorama_1 kirby_amiibo_diorama_1

So there you have it. We have so many things to look forward to about our pink puffball’s latest action-packed adventure. We’re still two months away from the US release of Kirby: Planet Robobot and their respective amiibos and we’re sure that Nintendo still has lots of things in store for Kirby and how other amiibos will come into play in Planet Robobot. With so many amiibos around and seeing how some of them grants certain copy abilities to Kirby – such as the Super Smash Mario, Link, and Peach (Super Mario) – it’s pretty exciting to see what other amiibos can do in Kirby: Planet Robobot. Stay tuned here at Portal Characters for more amiibo updates.

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