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Nintendo Gives Us a Very Colorful Surprise With the Splatoon Squid Sisters Amiibos



Last Saturday, Nintendo totally threw a fast one on us when they introduced a new pair of amiibo figures that will surely add more fun and color to the wild and wacky world of Splatoon. Meet the Squid Sisters Callie and Marie – a colorful and refreshing addition to the ever-growing line-up of Nintendo amiibos. Nintendo of Europe via their official Tweeter account, made the announcement last Saturday, April 30.

The Callie and Marie amiibos will be available individually in Japan and Europe starting July 7 and 8 respectively. In the US, they will be offered in a 2-pack bundle retailing at $24.99 beginning on July 8 as well. Watch this teaser from Nintendo.

As we see from the video, tapping these amiibos either in the Wii U or 3DS will allow you to see fresh performances from the Squid Sisters. For sure there will be other in game features that these amiibos will do, and we’ll surely keep you posted as new information comes in.

As an added treat, Nintendo will also be releasing a revised color scheme for the current Inkling amiibos which will be offered in the US in 2 and 3-pack bundles. The Inklings seemed to have a retro-neon make over with this one.

new splatoon 2 new splatoon

These latest reveals from Nintendo surely set the amiibo community frenzied over the weekend. What are your thoughts on this? Do you like these latest amiibos? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.



Source: My Nintendo News

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WATCH: Marvel Battlegrounds Strategy Video for Rocket Raccoon


Rocket Raccoon Marvel Battlegrounds

Here’s another Disney Infinity Marvel Battlegrounds strategy video for us to enjoy. Rocket Raccoon is proof that being small is never a liability when you’re in the world of Disney Infinity. This gun-slinging chap may not have the brute strength of the Hulkbuster or the close combat agility of Black Panther and Ant Man, but he sure knows how to make things difficult for his opponents.

Rocket Raccoon Marvel Battlegrounds 03Rocket Raccoon Marvel Battlegrounds 02

A product of strange, genetic experiments, Rocket Raccoon is a feisty gun-wielding member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Rocket Raccoon is the fastest fighter in Marvel Battlegrounds and excels at delivering a bevy of ranged attacks before slipping away to avoid any direct confrontation. Players that find pleasure in harassing their opponents with annoying ranged attacks, daring escapes and quick footwork will love playing as Rocket Raccoon. Let’s watch this.

As a weapons specialist, Rocket is unparalleled at ranged combat with the ability to pepper enemies from afar with his regular ranged attack, or to do an explosive area of effect damage with his charged ranged attack. Rocket can take on individual opponents or multiple enemies all at once. Taking advantage of his fast evade roll and movement speed is critical in staying one step ahead of his enemies as his slow melee attacks won’t do much good against larger opponents.

Rocket Raccoon Marvel Battlegrounds 04 Rocket Raccoon Marvel Battlegrounds 05


To give himself some breathing room, Rocket can use his charged melee attack to jump away from opponents while unleashing a few grenades. Rocket’s charged ranged attack is also very effective at destroying the Arena. Want to accelerate progress to the next stage? Just fire a few charged shots at the environment.

Rocket Raccoon Marvel Battlegrounds 06


Rocket’s Special Attack is an explosive three-shot volley, that targets one enemy for massive damage. These explosive shots affect the small area around the target, so hitting an enemy that’s nearby is a bonus.

We’ll keep you posted with more Disney Infinity Marvel Battlegrounds strategy videos. Which Battlegrounds character works best for you? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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New LEGO Dimensions Super Girl Confirmed




Earlier this month, we reported on the likely inclusion of another set of superheroes to be added to the roster of LEGO Dimensions characters. The report mentioned the listing of certain pieces in LEGO’s Replacement Parts service which were suspected to belong to DC Comics’ Super Girl. In addition to that, a video was uploaded to YouTube showing the LEGO Dimensions gameplay for Super Girl and Green Arrow.

As it turns out, we now have confirmation that Supergirl will indeed be a part of the next wave of LEGO Dimensions characters hopefully just in time for June’s E3 gaming event. A building guide for LEGO Dimension’s Supergirl can now be downloaded from LEGO servers as reported by BricksFans, with a set number of 71340. Brickset has already updated their database to include this set as well. It can be noticed that the head and hair on this minifigure closely matches that of the pieces found in LEGO replacement service.


6097853 6104173 4578853


Though Supergirl’s LEGO Dimensions iteration is somehow similar to her minifigure found in LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Brainiac Attack 76040 particularly with regards to the torso and legs, the hair and head are different. Super Heroes minifig collectors may find this a worthwhile pick once it is released a couple of months from now.

6172374_Page_1 6172374_Page_2


71340 Supergirl 76040


Another noticeable difference is the color of Supergirl’s Toy Tag base. Unlike other LEGO Dimensions characters with their translucent blue toy tag base, Supergirl seems to have an orange base instead. This could suggest that the next series of characters will either have a similarly colored base to distinguish them from the previous waves, or it could be an E3 promotional.

In any case, such reveal is a good indicator that a LEGO Dimensions Green Arrow might officially debut soon. LEGO definitely has further plans in store for its toys-to-life hit video game, especially that the release date for LEGO Dimensions’ last wave of characters (Wave 5) is almost a month away. Wave 5 marks the end of support for the current LEGO Dimensions including the Slimer Fun Pack (71241), the Ninjago Lloyd Fun Pack (71239), and DC Bane Fun Pack (71240), all of which are due for release on May 31st.

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Here’s What Happening on the Skylanders Scene



It has been a while since we’ve featured some news on Skylanders, and it was relatively quiet in this area of the toys-to-life scene. So before it becomes too quiet and we become oblivious of what’s going on, here is a pretty good summary to help us keep tabs on what’s happening in Skylanders. Let’s begin with the obvious and perhaps what is anticipated by most of us – the last in our checklist from Skylanders Superchargers.


Pre-order Sightings for Skylanders Superchargers Thrillipede and Buzz Wing



These last two figures from the latest Superchargers line up has been making several appearances over at several retailer sites. First reported at the beginning of this month, Thrillipede and signature vehicle Buzz Wing, have been reported to be prelisted at Amazon Italy with a release date set for May 13, 2016 for both figures. If you head over to and set it to display from most recent or available from, you’ll notice that the first two results refers to the Buzz Wing and Thrilipede figures respectively. As of this writing, there have been no proper or updated images posted yet on the site. Amazon Italy even used an Eggcited Thrilipede image rather than the actual Thrilipede. You may remember from last February that Skylanders released a special edition spring version of Eggcited Thrilipede, bundled with the Spring Ahead Dive Bomber.

Thrillipede Box Skylanders Buzz Wing

A couple of days ago, we saw the same listing in the Toys R Us website in the US, complete with all the proper images and box art with an estimated ship date of May 24, – more than a week after the expected release in Italy. However, as of this writing, the same listing has been removed from the pages referencing to Buzz Wing and Thrilipede.


When Will Skylanders Battlecast Take Off?

Since its announcement last year, there has been a lot of anticipation for Skylanders Battlecast – the mobile collectible card game that takes advantage of the massive collection of Skylanders characters rendered in either physical or digital card form. Skylanders Battlecast lets players create a team of their favorite Skylanders heroes from physical card packs or digital packs purchased in game, and battle them online against friends or in the game’s single-player campaign.

The physical cards are scanned into the game with a mobile device. Players can also scan two character cards to create animated duels with the augmented reality characters. We’re not really sure how this iteration will work, or how the gameplay is exactly since the Battlecast cards are not yet available in the US, and seems to have found their way only in the UK and New Zealand. Though Activision just announced during UK’s largest gaming convention – the Insomnia57 – that fans can expect a Spring 2016 release, still there is no solid date on the horizon. We hope Activision will speed things up so more fans can enjoy this mobile, toys-to-life game.

Here’s a look at the official Skylanders Battlecast trailer followed by some images of its characters. Card images are courtesy of Skylanders Inquirer.

SpitFireCard Spyro_Battlecast_Card Stealth_ElfCard_Small Jet-VacCard Hot_HeadCard



Some Updates on Skylanders Academy


We reported last February that alongside Activision’s announcement of a 6th Skylanders game on the works, a new animated series made for television will also be launched as well. Skylanders Academy will focus on the training and homeworld of the Skylanders, and is expected to premiere in Fall of this year. Thanks to Head Writer Eric Rogers, we’re getting bits and pieces of information about this first Activision Blizzard’s TV series. According to Rogers, this is what fans can expect from Skylanders Academy.

  • The first season will have 10-13 episodes, with 30 minutes per episode.
  • The focus will be on Spyro.
  • The series will be a mix of action and comedy, similar to what happens when you mash Gravity Falls with Futurama. Rogers was quick to point out that Skylanders Academy is not primarily a kid’s show, so it’s kind of interesting how this will come out.
  • The choice of network is still being worked out.

Rogers is quite excited actually about this project, and he welcomes any questions via his Twitter account as long you don’t ask for any spoilers or leaks.


So that’s it for now, and we’ll definitely keep you posted on all the things that are going in Skyland. We’re sure excited to see the how the next Skylander game will turn out, especially it is rumored that the next game in the franchise has something to do with Nintendo’s mysterious NX Console.  What do you think? What are you most excited about in Skylanders? Share us your thoughts in the comments section below.


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Three Ways How To Get The Super Rare GHz Orb in Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble


ghz orb 2

If you’re pretty into Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble, you have probably noticed that there are several yokais or items that are super rare and hard to find. Available either during a special event similar to the limited edition Dracunyan Event, or as a very rare item randomly scattered throughout the game, venturing to acquire them is a great feat indeed.

One such item is the hard-to-find GHz Orb that lets you instantly evolve your Signibble into the mighty Signiton. Thanks once again to AbdallahSmash026 for this walkthrough that shows us three ways on how to get the super rare Ghz Orb. Watch this.


Method #1: Unlock Master Oden at his secret place in Breezy Hills by beating the Granny Level at Level 123.

master oden

Once Master Oden is accessible, you may engage in him battle by using yokais with special abilities (such as Badude and Peckpocket) that prompts him to drop some his items. As you may have guessed, his items include a GHz Orb. Plan a strong team ahead, keeping in mind their unique abilities, and you’ll be able to defeat Master Oden pretty quickly until you get a random chance of him dropping the GHz Orb.


Method #2: Spawn and Defeat Statiking 


If you’re far enough in the game in the Yokai World, Level 179 shows Signibble and a very rare yokai called Static King. He is one of those yokais that rarely shows up. In order to increase your chances of facing Static King, you must have plenty of ‘spirits’ stocked up in order for you to consistently restart Level 179 until Static King shows up. Restarting a Level consumes ‘spirits’ so be sure to gather as much as you can before you use this method. It’s basically a rinse and repeat cycle until Static King gives you the honor of his presence. If by any chance you encounter him, knock him off quickly for a chance of him dropping a Ghz Orb.


Method #3: Pop 30,000 wib wobs during the Dracunyan Special Event

dracunyan event


So far, Methods #2 and #3 show a random chance of getting a Ghz Orb by battling out the yokais that may have them. Good for us, there is a third and better option that allows us to get this super rare item if you act fast enough. If you’re playing through the Dracunyan event, which has been extended thankfully until April 26 (refer to the tweet below), all you need to do is to simply pop 30,000 wib wobs throughout the course of the event to earn the Ghz Orb as a reward.

That is certainly one sweet treat that you don’t want to miss. So what exactly can you do with the Ghz Orb? Fusing it with your Signibble (by going to the Fusion Menu) and paying 500y munny allows you to evolve Signibble to Signiton, adding him to the Yo-kai Medallium.

fusion signiton


As described in the Medallium, he is “almost a deity for those in desperate need of a wireless signal. He can boost your reception if you ask.” Signiton’s Soultimate Move is Ton o’ Thunder where he thumps his tummy to make a big wib wob.


So there we have it. Thanks for this useful tips from AbdallahSmash. Don’t forget to take advantage of the extended Dracunyan event for you to get this super sweet, super rare GHz Orb. Always stay tuned here at Portal Characters for more news, tips, and tricks on this side of the Yokai World.

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Foreign Retailers Confirm Disney Infinity Finding Dory Play Set Coming Soon



Since the epic, ‘unintentional’ mac and cheese reveal of our favorite Blue Tang fish in her Disney Infinity rendition last month, and the teaser of John Vignochi, Vice President of Production for Disney Infinity, much has been said already on this highly anticipated play set. More recently, various foreign retailers have been listed Nemo as a Disney Infinity 3.0 figure, including a Finding Dory Pack Playset. According to Infinity Inquirer, at least 5 different foreign retailers have already updated their database to include this latest Disney Infinity playset. Namely, these are Amazon Italy, Amazon Japan, Player One, Multimedia Shop, and Central Point, with the last two being Dutch websites. Here are some screenshots from some of these retailers. The photo above is courtesy of

Central Point via iheartinfinity_ Screen-Shot-2016-04-20-at-23.38.34-768x295

Screen grab of Central Point courtesy of

amazon italy via diskingdom_image-187-696x568

Amazon Italy screenshot courtesy of

multimediashop_via iheartinfinity_disney-infinit-finding-dory-play-set-768x432

Screenshot of website courtesy of

Though the European retailers clearly mentions that the release dates for the Disney Infinity Finding Dory playset is scheduled on June 23, Infinity Inquirer predicts that in the US, there is a great chance of having this released earlier, sometime in June 14 – three days before the debut of the latest Disney Pixar film and sequel, Finding Dory on June 17. Given that a playset and a separate figure are both listed on these sites, it is highly possible that we will be seeing 2 or 3 Disney Infinity figures added to the roster of 3.0. Other than Dory, it is expected that Nemo and Hank (or Marlin?) will be the additional figures. Unfortunately, we don’t have any official reveal or images of these figures save that from the box of Kraft’s Mac and Cheese.

disney infinity finding dory


Here’s a video from Infiniteer Adventures that neatly summarizes everything we know so far about this next Disney Infinity playset.

We’ll be on the lookout for this and we’ll update as soon as new information arrives, so be sure to stay tuned here at Portal Characters.

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WATCH: Nintendo Kicks Off Star Fox Zero With Its Animated Short, “The Battle Begins”


star fox the battle begins

Tomorrow will be the launch day of the much anticipated reboot of the classic Nintendo space shooter, Star Fox Zero. As teased by various websites this week, Nintendo cooked up a short animated feature film that shows the new generation of Star Fox fleet, namely Fox, Falco, Peppy and Slippy as they embark on their first mission after their long hiatus. In case you missed out on the live stream a couple of hours ago, Nintendo uploaded the 15-minute live stream on their YouTube channel. Watch this.

We hope to see more animated shorts like this from Nintendo and Production IG and WIT Studios any time soon. As Fox says, “there’s no rest for the best”.  Nintendo’s Star Fox Zero for the Wii U will be released tomorrow together with Star Fox Guard. Both games come with amiibo support and are compatible with the Fox McCloud and Falco Lombardi amiibo figures. Tapping them on the Wii U unlocks certain game enhancements such as the classic Retro Arwing, and the powerful Black Arwing. Using these amiibos in Star Fox Guard allows players to call in an air strike from Team Star Fox virtually wiping out all enemies on the field.

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And the Winner for Disney Infinity’s Marvel Battlegrounds Battle Bracket Is…


marvel battle bracket

Since the launch of Disney Infinity’s four-way brawler Marvel Battlegrounds last month, came up with an interesting elimination contest to see who will be the ultimate fan favorite among the roster of 16 iconic Marvel characters featured in Disney Infinity 3.0’s Marvel Battlegrounds. After three rounds of voting within almost three weeks and tallying 40,000 votes cast over at, the ultimate champion has been finally revealed.

Watch this video as Allison Petrek of Disney Infinity Toy Box, and Marvel Games Creative Director Bill Rosemann announces the winner.

The final round saw Captain America The First Avenger pitted against the Vision. With Cap being a fan favorite since Round 1, he dominated the competition as he rose to the top to be the victor of the first ever Disney Infinity Marvel Battlegrounds Battle Bracket. If you wish to know more on how to get the best out of Disney Infinity’s Captain America The First Avenger, take a look at this useful strategy video including Cap’s special shield beam attack.


Stay tuned here at the Portal Characters for more updates on Disney Infinity 3.0.

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WATCH: This Star Fox Zero Launch Trailer Has Plenty of Intense Gameplay Footage


star fox trailer

We’re just three days away from the official launch of Nintendo’s Star Fox Zero. Almost everything that we need to know and expect from this classic high flying space shooter has been already out, including the painstakingly fun and multi-tasking tower defense game, Star Fox Guard, that comes bundled with Star Fox Zero. Along with its amiibo support, fans are in a frenzy to have their first try of Star Fox.

To further fan the hype, Nintendo UK just uploaded Star Fox Zero’s official launch trailer that tells the story behind Fox McCloud and his quest to restore his father’s legacy. Coupled with some seriously intense game footage, fans of the space shooter genre will surely fall for Star Fox Zero. Watch this.

To celebrate the game’s launch on the 22nd, Nintendo will be hosting the world premiere of an animated short film entitled Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins via live-streaming later on within the day. Here’s a preview.

Both Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard come with amiibo support and are compatible with the Fox McCloud and Falco Lombardi amiibo figures. Tapping them on the Wii U unlocks certain game enhancements such as the classic Retro Arwing, and the powerful Black Arwing. Using these amiibos in Star Fox Guard allows players to call in an air strike from Team Star Fox virtually wiping out all enemies on the field.

Be sure to stay tuned here at Portal Characters for more updates on Star Fox Zero.

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WATCH: Nintendo Gives a Closer Look at the Amiibo Characters in Mini Mario and Friends Amiibo Challenge


amiibo challenge2

We’re just a week away from the digital release of Nintendo’s free to play, amiibo-based game Mini Mario and Friends Amiibo Challenge. We featured last month how certain amiibos will work in Mini Mario, and for those who purchased an amiibo last March 25 and later, they were in for an early treat since a physical copy of the game comes bundled together for free, together with their purchase. With a website solely dedicated to this amiibo-exclusive game, it is clear that Nintendo has greater plans for this Wii U and 3DS compatible game.

To jog our memories about the game’s digital release on April 28 via Nintendo’s eShop, Nintendo recently uploaded a video that gives us a closer look at some of the characters’ special abilities in the game. Watch this.

As we reported earlier, certain amiibo figures will unlock the game’s 10 characters, together with their special abilities. Here’s a quick overview of what these minis can do, together with the amiibos that will unlock them.












amiibo challenge

As another bonus treat, using any amiibo other than the ones listed above will enable you to unlock Mini Spek as an additional character and lets you play the game’s basic level.

Be sure to drop by Nintendo’s eShop starting next week, April 28 to download a copy of your own Mini Mario and Friends Amiibo Challenge.

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