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The World of Skylanders has indeed grown to an epic scale. With 350 characters in its roster, Skylanders is undoubtedly the largest toys-to-life game that ever featured such a wide array of colorful characters and figures.

With so many figures to develop and create, one can only muse about the painstaking details that Activision’s game developers have gone through in order to create Skylanders. Here at Portal Characters, we hoped to capture that awesome feeling of re-creating a Skylander figure through our wonderfully drawn, high-resolution coloring pages that we are offering for free right here. You may download them as images, or as high quality PDF files such as this excellent example of the giant Thumpback as he fends off some chompies. We also have a superb wallpaper version of this that you can download right here.

Skylanders Coloring Pages Free Skylanders Coloring Pages To in The Most Stunning printable coloring pages skylanders

Created by our highly skilled artists over at Color Me World TV, you can see for yourself how this piece of Skylander art is brought into life.

Be sure to visit Color Me World TV for more amazing time lapse drawings that will surely inspire you for your next big Skylanders art.


On a similar note, we found these 10, very impressive coloring pages at Hello Kids that features some of the characters in Skylanders Trap Team such as Wolfgang, Wallop, Thunder Bolt, Snap Shot, Krypt King, Jawbreaker, Head Rush, Gearshift, Flip Wreck, and Chopper. The details on these are equally amazing. Take a look.

wolfgang-coloring-page_v76 wallop-coloring-page_puj thunder-bolt-coloring-page_8m5 snap-shot-coloring-page_4hk krypt-king-coloring-page_y76 jawbreaker-coloring-page_h9g head-rush-coloring-page_nfu gearshift-coloring-page_l5f flip-wreck-coloring-page_m3v chopper-coloring-page_6bc


The Hello Kids site also offers a unique feature that allows users to create their own coloring pages using the Coloring Page Factory. You can choose from a wide variety of themes including, of course, from the vast selection of Skylanders characters. Who knows, you might even bring out the Skylanders artist in you.

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