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A few weeks ago, the LEGO Reddit community was set ablaze because of a post by a certain Reddit user (whose account was eventually deleted) claiming that he has found a way to crack inside LEGO Dimensions by messing around with the set’s toy pads and a little bit of NFC know-how. What he discovered opened a Pandora’s box of questions and speculations about LEGO’s hit toys-to-life games. Groove Bricks offered a great summary of what has been discussed recently within the LEGO Dimensions community regarding these discoveries.

According to our unnamed ‘game hacker’, he allegedly discovered the in-game images of Supergirl and Green Arrow tucked away in some part of the game. He says he found a way to access the specific codes that allowed him to unlock the minifigures’ characters.

LEGO-Dimensions-2016-SG-GA-1 LEGO-Dimensions-2016-SG-GA-2-768x1024 LEGO-Dimensions-2016-SG-GA-3-768x1024

Truth be told, this is not the first time a post like this surfaced over the Internet. Reddit user Ohnoto said it succinctly:

This isn’t the first post with someone stating they have at minimum “reverse-engineered” the game to discover some upcoming unannounced characters.

I don’t need any validity or proof, personally. We have spoiler tags for a reason, for posts like this.I can’t stress enough to everyone to take any and all “spoilers” with a grain of salt. These could be upcoming characters, or these could have been cancelled characters originally meant to be in series 1, or files used from Lego Batman were used to save on coding and has these characters remaining in the data files.

Ultimately, we just don’t know until Series 2 is officially announced.

Those creating the game spend a lot of time making a game that will be enjoyable. Personally, I would not spoil anything, but wait until those creating the game want to reveal it, on their own time and when they are ready.

Another compelling argument in favor of the existence of Supergirl and Green Arrow in LEGO Dimensions came from Reddit user RamperRamps. According to his post, his discovery did not involve any fancy hacking or modification. He was just trying to look for some replacement parts for his LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack 71170 for PlayStation 3 over at LEGO’s Replacement Parts service. When he typed the set’s code 71170, he found some pieces which have not been released yet in any LEGO Dimensions set, particularly these ones:



Though the cape can easily be argued to belong to Superman as well, as of this writing, LEGO’s replacement service lists No. 768 and No. 2941 as ‘out of stock’, including another piece which is described as ‘Wig w/ Long Ponytail (Element #4578853)’. Here’s a closer look at these pieces respectively.

6097853     6104173  4578853


It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out that these torso, legs, and wig can potentially be that of Supergirl. A quick look at our LEGO Dimensions database will show that these elements are not included in any existing LEGO Dimensions minifigure.

The question now remains: why are these replacement parts included in LEGO’s system for the LEGO Dimensions Starter Set? Can it mean that we might see a LEGO Dimensions Supergirl minifigure anytime soon? Or was this just a part of an original plan that unfortunately did not come to pass? What do you think? Share us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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