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Skylanders Battlecast, Thrillipede, and Buzzwing to be Released on May 24, 2016



Last week, we reported that there has been a pre-order sighting for the Skylanders Superchargers figures of Thrillipede Buzzwing over at Toys R Us’ website. However, for some reason, the pre-order page referring to these two figures has been removed. Thankfully, we were able to see some important details before it was removed, particularly the release dates that every Skylander collector has been asking. The removed TRU webpage indicated an “Estimated Ship Date” of May 24 as noted by SCL.

Another piece of info may likewise strengthen the notion of a late May release, not just for Thrillipede and Buzzwing, but also for the much awaited cards-to-life game Skylanders Battlecast. The latter has been released already in New Zealand and Australia, with some pre-orders already arranged in Europe. These screenshots were shared by Matt Sonnenberg of Skylanders Characters List from his source at TRU.




The photos above indicate a release date of May 24, both for the Superchargers figures and Battlecast cards. Some fans who were able to take advantage of the supposed pre-orders, reported that TRU sent them an email informing them about the delay in shipment. Though it’s quite puzzling (and frustrating for some customers) why TRU opted to take down the pre-order page, the delay on the other hand somehow makes sense from a promotional stand point, considering that the release date of May 24 is just three weeks before the famed E3 gaming event. This was the similar scenario back in 2015 when Skylanders Superchargers made its debut in June 3 – a good two weeks prior to that year’s E3 convention. Hopefully, Activision will follow the same formula once again with Thrillipede, Buzzwing, and the Skylanders Battlecast.


Skylanders Battlecast is Activision’s entry to the mobile collectible card game that takes advantage of the massive collection of Skylanders characters rendered in either physical or digital card form. Skylanders Battlecast lets players create a team of their favorite Skylanders heroes from physical card packs or digital packs purchased in game, and battle them online against friends or in the game’s single-player campaign.

UPDATE: Amazon Italy has already included images of Thrillipede and Buzzwing in their pre-order listings, but posted an update saying that these figures are currently unavailable.

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