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Good things come to those who wait, as they say; and this is particularly true if you are one of those waiting in line for the latest Amiibo from Nintendo. The most recent episode of Nintendo Direct revealed a couple of amiibos to watch out for such as the Shadow Mewtwo amiibo card, Animal Crossing’s series 4 together with Isabelle in her summer outfit, and four new amiibo Kirby series featuring Kirby himself, King Dedede, Meta Knight and Waddle Dee. The release dates of these amiibos in North America were already announced, with some hitting shelves early in June.


Customarily, these amiibos are released earlier by Nintendo in their home front. For example, the new Kirby amiibos will be released in Japan on April 28 – almost two months ahead than that of the US release – while the summer outfit Isabelle amiibo will be available for retail by March 24. So if you’re really looking forward to have these amiibos ahead of the competition, you have two options: either fly to Japan to buy these figures yourself (that is if you don’t mind cashing in several thousand bucks for the trip, where money  and ROI is not issue for you), or give your long-lost Japanese friend a ring. If in case these options are not available to you, it seems that there is a third one that is more feasible.

Amiibo News (AN) tweeted an interesting piece of info that may likewise open opportunities for those who can’t wait to get their hands on the latest amiibos. According to AN’s tweeter post, they have confirmation that some amiibos can now be ordered online and shipped to the US via Take a look.



Now if you read this post carefully, you will notice that the catch here is that NOT all amiibos may be purchased from the site. In a follow-up post, AN revealed that knowing which amiibo can be purchased or not is like a hit & miss, trial & error thing. 



For example, AN did not experience any issues with when they purchased the Wolf Link and Summer Isabelle amiibos, but they did not have the same success with Roy and the new Kirby series. We’re not sure yet why Amazon Japan allows some amiibos to be accessed and others are not given the fact that both summer Isabelle and the new Kirby amiibos are still due on a later date in the US. You just have to discover this for yourself by trying out which amiibo can be shipped or not. Obviously, the language barrier may pose a bit of a challenge as well, so be sure to have a separate account for the site and make Google translator your friend.

In a similar note, we just hope that series of 4 Animal Crossing will be available in Amazon Japan as well, especially that the next batch of 100 amiibo cards from the series are now revealed by Nintendo of Japan. Here are some randomly selected photo grabs from their site:

card301b card319b card328b card335b card341b card356b card366b card379b card385b card400b

If you wish to have an early look at all 100 of the series 4 cards, you may click here.


The Animal Crossing Series 4 amiibo cards, together with the summer outfit Isabelle amiibo figure; and Kirby: Planet Robobot plus the new Kirby amiibos will all be available in the US starting June 10.

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