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Take A Closer Look at These Hi-Res Images of the Latest Splatoon Amiibos


squid sisters

After Nintendo’s big announcement that added more tasty colors to the amiibo landscape last weekend, it seems that we have additional figures to watch out for with the Squid Sisters Callie and Marie amiibos. The dancing and rocking duet are joined by a recolored  edition of the current Splatoon amiibo line-up of Inkling Girl, Inkling Boy and Inkling Squid. We saw its teaser trailer, and now Nintendo has uploaded several hi-resolution images that show the new ‘tasty textures’ and ‘delicious details’ of these amiibos up-close. Take a look by clicking on the images.

splatoon_amiibo_1 splatoon_amiibo_2 splatoon_amiibo_7 splatoon_amiibo_6 splatoon_amiibo_8


splatoon_amiibo_3 splatoon_amiibo_4 splatoon_amiibo_5


splatoon_amiibo_9 splatoon_amiibo_10 splatoon_amiibo_11


Tapping these amiibos either in the Wii U or 3DS will allow you to see fresh performances from the Squid Sisters, and other in game features that will surely add more color to the world of Splatoon. The Callie and Marie amiibos will be available individually in Japan and Europe starting July 7 and 8 respectively. In the US, they will be offered in a 2-pack bundle retailing at $24.99 beginning on July 8 as well.

The recolored versions of the original Splatoon Inkling Trio will be available for retail at $12.99 each, with a three-pack bundle for $34.99. These amiibos are also set to be released on July 8. We just hope that Nintendo will have plenty of these in stock.


Thanks to My Nintendo News for heads up.

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