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Nintendo sure has an aesthetic taste. This time, they’re treating Japanese amiibo collectors with another creative way of displaying their most prized figures. On April 28, Nintendo will be offering two dioramas wherein amiibo fans can set up and display their figures for everyone to behold.

One of the dioramas will feature a Smash Bros-themed diorama that takes its cue from the Battlefield stage. The other one shows Dreamland – the home of the cute and adorable pink puff, Kirby – as it during night time. Each diorama will sell for 864 yen or around 8 US dollars. The Dreamland diorama also comes with an optional new Kirby amiibo or any of the newer ones from the Kirby series (King Dedede, Meta Knight, and Waddle Dee) offered at 1,260 yen.

Here’s how the dioramas look like.

smash_bros_diorama_1 smash_bros_diorama_2 smash_bros_diorama_3 smash_bros_diorama_4 smash_bros_diorama_5 smash_bros_diorama_6

kirby_amiibo_diorama_1 kirby_amiibo_diorama_2 kirby_amiibo_diorama_3 kirby_amiibo_diorama_4 kirby_amiibo_diorama_5 kirby_amiibo_diorama_6


It will be interesting to see Nintendo come up with other dioramas specific to each amiibo’s theme. Like a color-splashing Splatoon diorama, or a Hyrule/Zelda-themed one. What do you think of these dioramas? Do you have other dioramas in mind that you wish Nintendo will come up with? Share your thoughts on the comments below.



Source: My Nintendo News

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