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Three Ways How To Get The Super Rare GHz Orb in Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble


ghz orb 2

If you’re pretty into Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble, you have probably noticed that there are several yokais or items that are super rare and hard to find. Available either during a special event similar to the limited edition Dracunyan Event, or as a very rare item randomly scattered throughout the game, venturing to acquire them is a great feat indeed.

One such item is the hard-to-find GHz Orb that lets you instantly evolve your Signibble into the mighty Signiton. Thanks once again to AbdallahSmash026 for this walkthrough that shows us three ways on how to get the super rare Ghz Orb. Watch this.


Method #1: Unlock Master Oden at his secret place in Breezy Hills by beating the Granny Level at Level 123.

master oden

Once Master Oden is accessible, you may engage in him battle by using yokais with special abilities (such as Badude and Peckpocket) that prompts him to drop some his items. As you may have guessed, his items include a GHz Orb. Plan a strong team ahead, keeping in mind their unique abilities, and you’ll be able to defeat Master Oden pretty quickly until you get a random chance of him dropping the GHz Orb.


Method #2: Spawn and Defeat Statiking 


If you’re far enough in the game in the Yokai World, Level 179 shows Signibble and a very rare yokai called Static King. He is one of those yokais that rarely shows up. In order to increase your chances of facing Static King, you must have plenty of ‘spirits’ stocked up in order for you to consistently restart Level 179 until Static King shows up. Restarting a Level consumes ‘spirits’ so be sure to gather as much as you can before you use this method. It’s basically a rinse and repeat cycle until Static King gives you the honor of his presence. If by any chance you encounter him, knock him off quickly for a chance of him dropping a Ghz Orb.


Method #3: Pop 30,000 wib wobs during the Dracunyan Special Event

dracunyan event


So far, Methods #2 and #3 show a random chance of getting a Ghz Orb by battling out the yokais that may have them. Good for us, there is a third and better option that allows us to get this super rare item if you act fast enough. If you’re playing through the Dracunyan event, which has been extended thankfully until April 26 (refer to the tweet below), all you need to do is to simply pop 30,000 wib wobs throughout the course of the event to earn the Ghz Orb as a reward.

That is certainly one sweet treat that you don’t want to miss. So what exactly can you do with the Ghz Orb? Fusing it with your Signibble (by going to the Fusion Menu) and paying 500y munny allows you to evolve Signibble to Signiton, adding him to the Yo-kai Medallium.

fusion signiton


As described in the Medallium, he is “almost a deity for those in desperate need of a wireless signal. He can boost your reception if you ask.” Signiton’s Soultimate Move is Ton o’ Thunder where he thumps his tummy to make a big wib wob.


So there we have it. Thanks for this useful tips from AbdallahSmash. Don’t forget to take advantage of the extended Dracunyan event for you to get this super sweet, super rare GHz Orb. Always stay tuned here at Portal Characters for more news, tips, and tricks on this side of the Yokai World.

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