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Nintendo already hinted at what some amiibos will do, or how they will function on its latest take on the classic space shooter Star Fox Zero. As revealed during this year’s first Nintendo Direct episode, game developer Shigeru Miyamoto showed how the Smash Bros Fox amiibo unlocks a classic, retro 16-bit Arwing from the super enhanced version of the game.


fox classic arwing


Another treat for amiibo users has been confirmed (the earliest news on this was shared by AbdallahSmash026) through Nintendo UK’s 6-minute long official trailer for Star Fox Zero. The trailer goes into length, showing what the Fox and Falco amiibo will do. Watch this.

As predicted, scanning the Falco amiibo over the Wii U GamePad will unlock the stylishly sleek, Black Arwing. The design and color combination is superb on this version of the Arwing. Not only does it look good, but it is also an excellent offensive ship capable of locking into two targets at once at any given time. The only caveat is that the Black Arwing is very vulnerable, which makes the player takes three times the usual damage from enemy attacks.

falco amiibo black arwing

Unfortunately, it looks like these are the only two supported amiibo at this time. Let’s hope that Nintendo has another sweet surprise under its sleeve anytime soon. Star Fox Zero will be available – bundled with a new game, Star Fox Guard, on April 22.

Source: Amiibo Alerts

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