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WATCH: All 30 Plus Amiibos’ Functionality in Kirby Planet Robobot


kirby robobot


A couple of weeks ago, we covered much of what to expect from our little pink puff ball in Nintendo’s Kirby Planet Robobot. With more than 25 of Kirby’s copy abilities to be discovered and unlocked, plus 10 Robobot Armor Modes to smash through alien tech hardware, it kind of make you wonder how all 100+ amiibos will work in this newest Nintendo 3DS game.

The good guys over at Team GameXplain were kind enough to give us an idea how this will actually turn out by tapping in 33 amiiibos that they currently own. Though it’s roughly a third of all known amiibos that there is, what we discovered is pretty interesting. Some of these we came to know already through Nintendo’s website dedicated to Kirby Planet Robobot. Watch this.

As GameXplain discovered, certain amiibos that belong to a same theme or set produces similar results. This is a rundown of what they have demonstrated so far.

esper kirby

A new copy ability unique to Kirby Planet Robobot is ESP Kirby which can be unlocked by tapping in: Mew Two, Shulk, Lucas.

sword kirby


Sword Kirby can be unlocked by tapping in: Link, Lucina, Ike, Marth, and Roy. It can be assumed that the amiibos belonging to the Fire Emblem game will eventually give you the Sword Kirby ability, with exception of Robin.

Archer Kirby


Archer Kirby can be unlocked by tapping in: Dark Pit, Pit, and Duck Hunt. Other amiibos related to any shooting games will probably give the Archer Kirby ability as well.

leaf kirby


Leaf Kirby can be unlocked by tapping in: Villager (from Animal Crossing), and Olimar. The rest of the amiibo figures from the Animal Crossing series such as Isabelle, Mabel, or Rover may likewise have the same effect.

whip kirby


Whip Kirby can be unlocked by tapping in: Zero Suit Samus, and Yarn Yoshi (Green). This can be true to the rest of the Yarn Yoshi amiibos regardless of the color.

poison kirby


Another copy ability unique to Planet Robobot is the Poison Kirby which can be unlocked by tapping in: Inkling Squid, Inkling Boy and probably Inkling Girl as well.

Fire Kirby can be unlocked by tapping in: Mario 30th Anniversary Classic Color, Luigi (Super Mario Classic) and the rest of Mario Bros. version with the exception of, presumably, of Dr. Mario which is expected to unlock the Doctor abilty.

spark kirby circus kirby beam kirby

The rest of the amiibo figures that GameXplain tested resulted in the following copy abilities:

Robin – unlocks Spark Kirby
Fox – unlocks Jet Kirby
R.O.B. NES – unlocks Beam Kirby
Mr. Game & Watch – unlocks Circus Kirby
Dedede (Smash Bros) – unlocks a yellow-colored Hammer Kirby
Kirby (Smash Bros) – unlocks Smash Kirby
Palutena – unlocks Mirror Kirby
Samus – unlocks Bomb Kirby
Little Mac – unlocks Fighter Kirby

As it turns out, amiibos that belong to a third-party game developer will return an ‘amiibo not registered’ message and will give a random Kirby copy ability. This was tested using amiibos such as Sonic, Ryu, Shovel Knight, Megaman and Pacman. Furthermore, the Nintendo 3DS will only allow you to scan 10 amiibos in one day, but as GameXplain demonstrated the limit can be bypassed by adjusting the clock in the 3DS.

Kirby Planet Robobot already made its debut in Japan last Thursday, April 28 and will expect to hit North America and Europe on June 10, and in Australia on June 11. So what do you think, what is your best guess for other amiibo figures not mentioned here? How do you think they will function in Kirby Planet Robobot? Drop us a note in the comments section below.

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