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ant-man strategy

Disney Infinity has released another Marvel Battlegrounds Strategy Video this time, focusing on Ant-Man. Unlike the headstrong approach of Captain America, and the flashy melee combat of the Black Panther, Ant-Man excels in what he does best: commonsense fighting coupled with stealth. Watch this.

He may not always be considered seriously by his allies, but Ant-Man’s ability to get out of tight spots is incomparable. Excelling in fast, close-quartered combat. Ant-Man has the ability to shrink to avoid attacks, while closing in towards his opponents. Players who like to skirt over dangers and take advantage of opportunities will love playing as Ant-Man as they enjoy watching their opponent boil with anger as attack after attack, Ant-Man easily dodges and counter.

ant-man strategy 2

The key in playing as Ant-Man is to close the gap in the most opportune time such as taking advantage when the opponent is distracted or stunned. There is no need to engage in melee unless you’re sure you have the upper hand. You may grab on some nearby objects to throw at your enemies as needed to keep your distance for a while.

Surprise your opponent with Ant-Man’s ranged attacks by shrinking and jumping towards him. You can foil your opponent’s movements with a ground pound and follow it up with a three-hit combo for huge damage. Ant-Man can perform an evasive attack by interrupting his own dodge move with an attack.

ant-man strategy 3

Lastly, Ant-Man can launch a barrage of ants at his disposal with his charged regular attacks. It doesn’t have much range, but unlike most attacks, it covers a wide area in front of Ant-Man, making it great for knocking down groups of opponents.

ant-man strategy 4

Finally, Ant-Man’s special attack is a powerful uppercut. When used correctly, Ant-Man’s special attack can be one of the most powerful combo in the game. To execute this combo, hit your opponent with the first two attacks or three-hit combo, and follow up with the special attack instead of the third hit. Ant-Man’s special attack has a very small hit radius so be sure you’re nice and close, exactly the way Ant-Man should be to his enemies before he strikes


Stay tuned for more Marvel Battlegrounds strategy videos from Disney Infinity and here at Portal Characters.

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