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WATCH: Marvel Battlegrounds Strategy Video for Rocket Raccoon


Rocket Raccoon Marvel Battlegrounds

Here’s another Disney Infinity Marvel Battlegrounds strategy video for us to enjoy. Rocket Raccoon is proof that being small is never a liability when you’re in the world of Disney Infinity. This gun-slinging chap may not have the brute strength of the Hulkbuster or the close combat agility of Black Panther and Ant Man, but he sure knows how to make things difficult for his opponents.

Rocket Raccoon Marvel Battlegrounds 03Rocket Raccoon Marvel Battlegrounds 02

A product of strange, genetic experiments, Rocket Raccoon is a feisty gun-wielding member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Rocket Raccoon is the fastest fighter in Marvel Battlegrounds and excels at delivering a bevy of ranged attacks before slipping away to avoid any direct confrontation. Players that find pleasure in harassing their opponents with annoying ranged attacks, daring escapes and quick footwork will love playing as Rocket Raccoon. Let’s watch this.

As a weapons specialist, Rocket is unparalleled at ranged combat with the ability to pepper enemies from afar with his regular ranged attack, or to do an explosive area of effect damage with his charged ranged attack. Rocket can take on individual opponents or multiple enemies all at once. Taking advantage of his fast evade roll and movement speed is critical in staying one step ahead of his enemies as his slow melee attacks won’t do much good against larger opponents.

Rocket Raccoon Marvel Battlegrounds 04 Rocket Raccoon Marvel Battlegrounds 05


To give himself some breathing room, Rocket can use his charged melee attack to jump away from opponents while unleashing a few grenades. Rocket’s charged ranged attack is also very effective at destroying the Arena. Want to accelerate progress to the next stage? Just fire a few charged shots at the environment.

Rocket Raccoon Marvel Battlegrounds 06


Rocket’s Special Attack is an explosive three-shot volley, that targets one enemy for massive damage. These explosive shots affect the small area around the target, so hitting an enemy that’s nearby is a bonus.

We’ll keep you posted with more Disney Infinity Marvel Battlegrounds strategy videos. Which Battlegrounds character works best for you? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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