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There are a lot of things to expect from Nintendo in the next few months – especially for the Amiibo, as announced by Bill Trinen, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Nintendo of America. Bill kicked off Nintendo Direct, starting with a presentation from Star Fox Zero’s Shigeru Miyamoto.

star fox box

Miyamoto shared several high points about the game’s new features including its amiibo support. Tapping the Smash Bros Fox amiibo on the Nintendo WiiU will allow you to play with the classic 16-bit Arwing from the super enhanced version of the game. It’s kind of having a retro feel throughout the whole game.

fox amiibo


Star Fox Zero will be available – bundled with a new game, Star Fox Guard, on April 22.

Pokken Tournament also had a spot with an exclusive and limited edition Shadow Mewtwo amiibo card which will come together with the physical copy of the first production run of the game. Trinen advised those who wish to have the said amiibo card to purchase the game early which will launch on March 18 for the WiiU.


There is another thing that amiibo fans can look forward to this month, and this is Nintendo’s Mini Mario and Friends Amiibo Challenge. It is a free downloadable game both for WiiU and 3DS available from Nintendo’s eShop.

amiibo friends

You can tap your compatible amiibo to guide any of the ten mini-characters in the game’s specific level they alone can access. Each character has a special ability that can come in handy during a particular portion of the game, like Mario’s ability to do a wall jump for example. Mini Mario and Friends Amiibo Challenge will be available for free together with a purchase of any amiibo figure beginning March 25 at any participating stores and outlets, and as a free download from Nintendo’s eShop starting April 28.

all amiibos

Nintendo also has a treat for fans of Animal Crossing this June with their Series 4 amiibo cards, plus an Isabelle amiibo figure available individually, separate from the Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival bundle.

series 4isabelle-amiibo-figure

As an added bonus, another Isabelle amiibo figure will be made available, this time sporting in her summer outfit. The Series 4 Animal Crossing amiibo cards, and the new Isabelle amiibos, will be available on June 10.



Finally, will be seeing our pink puffball once again as Kirby hits back to the 3DS with a mission to save Dream Land from robotic invaders. Nintendo’s latest Kirby game, Kirby: Planet Robobot, comes with a very cool amiibo support for all existing figures. By tapping any amiibo figure on the 3DS, Kirby will receive a special ability unique to that amiibo.

kirby robobot

For example, tapping the King Dedede amiibo gives Kirby the Hammer ability – a destructive whacking force to reckon with. Tap the Fire Mario amiibo and Kirby will receive the fire breathing ability, or use the Link amiibo and Kirby will receive a sword and so on.

kirby hammer

Plus four new amiibos will be launched together with Kirby:Planet Robobot – a newly-designed Kirby, King Dedede, Meta Knight and Waddle Dee. Tapping any of these amiibos will give Kirby not just their abilities, but also new costumes as well. All of these will be made available also on June 10.

kirby amiibo king dedede meta knight waddle

Nintendo has surely revved things up, and we hope to see new amiibos anytime soon, as more exciting games and characters are revealed. Will keep you posted on the latest development on this side of Nintendo, and for those who missed Bill Trinen’s announcement via Nintendo Direct, here’s the video.

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