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WATCH: Nintendo Kicks Off Star Fox Zero With Its Animated Short, “The Battle Begins”


star fox the battle begins

Tomorrow will be the launch day of the much anticipated reboot of the classic Nintendo space shooter, Star Fox Zero. As teased by various websites this week, Nintendo cooked up a short animated feature film that shows the new generation of Star Fox fleet, namely Fox, Falco, Peppy and Slippy as they embark on their first mission after their long hiatus. In case you missed out on the live stream a couple of hours ago, Nintendo uploaded the 15-minute live stream on their YouTube channel. Watch this.

We hope to see more animated shorts like this from Nintendo and Production IG and WIT Studios any time soon. As Fox says, “there’s no rest for the best”.  Nintendo’s Star Fox Zero for the Wii U will be released tomorrow together with Star Fox Guard. Both games come with amiibo support and are compatible with the Fox McCloud and Falco Lombardi amiibo figures. Tapping them on the Wii U unlocks certain game enhancements such as the classic Retro Arwing, and the powerful Black Arwing. Using these amiibos in Star Fox Guard allows players to call in an air strike from Team Star Fox virtually wiping out all enemies on the field.

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