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Yes, you heard it right. We just included Japan’s hottest toy around, the Yo-kai Watch. Based on the hit manga and anime series of the same title, the Yo-kai Watch has been exclusively released and distributed by Hasbro in North America. As seen in the anime series, the Yo-kai Watch features traditional yokai (which means spirits or monsters) from Japanese folklore. In a similar take as that of Pokemon, you get to collect Yo-Kai medals after each successful encounter and battle against a mischievous, or trouble-causing yokai. The watch also allows the bearer to see a yokai by scanning the nearby vicinity. Watch this video from Yo-kai Watch’s official season 1 trailer to get a better grasp of what the world of Yo-kai Watch is all about.

Obviously, the actual toy that Hasbro has introduced in the US does not allow its bearer to see or even capture any supernatural being or yokai. Nevertheless, it was a huge sensation among Japanese kids and their parents (who by the way, have to bear lining up for hours just to grant their child’s wish). The Yo-kai watch is distributed by Bandai in Japan and has been very rare to find recently because of the heavy demand that it has seen in the country.


In the US, Hasbro packages the Yo-kai Watch together with two medals that you put inside the watch to activate the myriad of sounds stored in the device similar to that in the anime. It should be noted that the watch itself does not tell time, and that Hasbro claims that it can uniquely identify all 100+ medals stored in the watch’s memory. Watch this video to see how the actual Yo-kai watch works.

As of to date, Hasbro has a webpage dedicated to Yo-kai Watch. It features all Yo-kai related merchandise and other cool accessories that go along with it. Of course, at the heart of the fan craze about Yo-kai watch are the collectible medals itself. Hasbro has already released all 44 medals under Series 1, with 50 more medals to be released with Series 2 during Spring. As you may have noticed, we have listed all 44 Yo-Kai medals from Series 1 here in Portal Characters so we’re leaving a lot of room for the next series of medals to be announced soon. You can also filter out the medals as per their tribe so you can easily identify them. But if you want a quick, first look on how the Series 2 medals will be like, Hasbro has uploaded a poster that features all medals from both series.


Hasbro also has an app that goes along with the Yo-kai Watch Land. The app has a cool feature that allows you to scan the medal’s unique QR code (which we also included in our database for each particular medal) found at the back so you can see your yokai come to life in the app’s Befriend Zone, and to unlock other features. It also has a Photobooth function that allows you take a picture with your favorite yokai, and a couple of arcade games such as a Manji-mess, Capsule Escape, and Robo Choco. The app may be downloaded both from the Apple App Store and Google’s Play.

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Lastly, if you wish to explore and know more about the world of the yokai and that of the Yo-kai Watch, there’s an excellent, informative wiki page dedicated to this. We’ll surely keep an eye on this newest toy craze so stay tuned here at Portal Characters!



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