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Two weeks ago, National Video Games writer Patrick Hickey Jr. had an exclusive interview Level 5’s CEO Akihiro Hino. Talking about the highly successful mobile app game based on the hottest anime around, Yo-Kai Watch, Mr. Akihiro shared more than just the inspiration behind the game.

Towards the end of the interview, Mr. Akihiro revealed what’s next in the world of the yokai. The answer hugely delighted the entire Yo-kai fandom. According to Mr. Akihiro,

We have a robust and exciting schedule planned for YO-KAI WATCH Wibble Wobble, so stay tuned! In terms of the overall IP, season 1 of YO-KAI WATCH will be coming to Netflix this April, and if you paid attention to New York Toy Fair this year, you’ll know that Hasbro has a long line of new toys scheduled to come out this year as well!



That’s correct, you heard it right straight from the CEO. Yo-kai Watch is now available for streaming at Netflix for North America. Initially offered through Disney XD, the popular Japanese anime’s current 26 episodes will be available to stream for anyone with a subscription to Netflix’s online service in the US. We’re not sure yet how long the series will be available according to Hardcore Gamer, but it is definitely a welcome treat for all the fans of the series and a big exposure for game developer Level 5.


In another part of the yokai-loving world, our friends over in the United Kingdom will also have a chance to experience the Yo-kai Watch phenomenon starting April 23 via Cartoon Network. Furthermore, it was reported by Animation Magazine that following the U.K. launch, Yo-Kai Watch will be available in over 100 countries worldwide. It will be offered in France via BOING this April, on Gulli on September 1 and on Cartoon Network in March, 2017. The Dutch will also experience the Yo-kai fever once it airs over Germany, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands starting on May 21. The same goes in Italy when it debuts on Cartoon Network also this April which will later be featured on BOING.

And the list goes on – in Spain, Africa, Portugal, Turkey, Poland, and Israel just to name a few. Definitely, Yo-kai Watch is destined to be a global hit and phenomena anytime soon.


n case you’re still wondering what this is all about, head over to this article for a brief description of the Yo-Kai Watch, and right here for a complete list of the yo-kai characters and their respective medals from Series 1.

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