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Level-5, the game developer of the hit role-playing game for the Nintendo 3DS, Yo-kai Watch, has a treat for all of yokai-loving fans out there. They recently launched their latest mobile app game as inspired by the phenomenal Disney XD television series.  Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble is a puzzle-battle game that allows players to collect creatures based on Japanese folklore called ‘yokai’ and take them to battle against other yokais.


Players can select up to five Wib Wob symbols (yo-kai characters that you have selected to bring to battle) on the game board which players can use in battle for each level of the game. By tapping on the Wib Wob symbol, players can deal damage against a yokai opponent, and by drawing lines to connect and combine similar Wib Wobs to create a larger Wib Wob, causes much greater damage.


You can also do some pretty cool attack combos by rapidly tapping multiple larger Wib Wobs. A Wib Wob also has a special attack called ‘Soultimate Moves’ that deals large damage against the enemy. However, players must use this sparingly and only in tight situations.


Watch the Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble Game trailer below.

After each successful campaign battle, players are awarded up to three stars. For example, these stars may be related to achieving a specific objective such as earning a particular number of points in a battle, or creating a Wib Wob of a certain size.

Your chosen yokai also earns points in each of its successful battle, making it stronger over time. Similar to Pokemon’s gameplay, players may also ‘befriend’ the yokais that they defeat in battle allowing them to be summoned into future battles. In-game currency called ‘Y-Money’ are also rewarded to players as they go along, and maybe used in receiving additional yokais and other useful shop items such as food to feed enemy yokais to make them easier to befriend.

yo-kai ranks

Other than its Campaign Missions, the Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble is also has timed event missions, and a Score Attack Mode where players have to earn as many points as they can during a timed battle. With its cool graphics, and of course, having our favorite Yo-kai Watch characters rendered to little puff balls of awesome cuteness will surely make this game a hit for everyone. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem any of the medals are available to scan for upgrading.

Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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