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Skylanders Flameslinger Figure


Wave: Spyro  Element: Fire

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Despite initially coming across as being cocky and self-assured, Flameslinger is actually possessed of a warm, caring heart, as evidenced by his rescue of a fire spirit, which in turn rewarded him with an enchanted bow and fire boots. Flameslinger subsequently mastered the gifts and utilizes them to battle evil throughout the Skylands.

As his name implies, Flameslinger is adept with fire, and along with his superior archery skills, uses his arrows to ward off attackers, as well as leaving his "calling card," a deadly trail of flames that surround would-be pursuers while he makes his escape.

This elven archer is so accurate that he wears a blindfold while carrying out his unique form of mayhem. Its been debated as to whether or not the blindfold is transparent, but the scorched earth left in his wake makes the debate a moot point.

Flameslinger is a character from the Fire element and was released as part of the Spyro video game.

Picture of Flameslinger Box, Spyro

Card of Flameslinger, Spyro

 Health 250 500
 Speed 50 98
 Armor 24 54
 Critical Hit 40 90
 Elemental Power 25 100

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