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Skylanders Stealth Elf Figure

Stealth Elf

Wave: Spyro  Element: Life

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Possessed of a sketchy past and always on the lookout for clues as to her origin hasn't deterred Stealth Elf from performing heroics in defense of the Skylands.

About all that's known is that the elven ninja was raised deep in the forest by a mysterious, but wise tree-like creature who trained her thoroughly in the tactics of stealth fighting. The ability to make herself invisible allows Stealth Elf to easily "get the jump" on enemies, and on the rare occasion when she's cornered, she can create a decoy-self that further confounds her attackers. Stealth Elf is also adept in the use of various swords and daggers.

As if the above-mentioned arsenal wasn't terrifying enough, Stealth Elf can summon up scythe-wielding Scarecrows of herself to do battle, making her as complete a Skylander as is imaginable.

Stealth Elf is a character from the Life element and was released as part of the Spyro video game.

Picture of Stealth Elf Box, Spyro

Card of Stealth Elf, Spyro

 Health 270 540
 Speed 50 98
 Armor 12 42
 Critical Hit 50 100
 Elemental Power 25 100

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