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Skylanders Trigger Happy Figure

Trigger Happy

Wave: Spyro  Element: Tech

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A throwback to the Wild West, Trigger Happy is a gunslinging gremlin Skylander who never fails to live up to his name.

Trigger Happy's background is almost a complete mystery. He simply appeared one day in a small village and earned his reputation by rescuing the town from a marauding group of bandits with his customized firearms. His legend quickly grew, and he was soon recruited into the Skylanders.

Gold is Trigg's ammunition of choice, and when he unleashes endless barrages of the coins from his sidearms, enemies are rendered helpless. Seemingly not even bothering to aim, Trigg nonetheless rarely misses, and on the exceptional occasion when more firepower is required, he can bring out a machine gun to take it "up a notch." If that is still not enough, he is capable of either hurling an explosive pot of gold or unleashing deadly twin yellow beams of energy from his weapons.

Trigger Happy is a character from the Tech element and was released as part of the Spyro video game.

Card of Trigger Happy, Spyro

 Health 200 400
 Speed 50 98
 Armor 30 60
 Critical Hit 50 100
 Elemental Power 25 100

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