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LEGO Dimensions
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  - Back to the Future
  - DC Comics
  - Doctor Who
  - Ghostbusters
  - Jurassic World
  - Legends of Chima
  - The LEGO Movie
  - Lord of the Rings
  - Midway Arcade
  - Ninjago
  - Portal 2
  - Scooby Doo
  - The Simpsons
  - Wizard of Oz

Complete List of LEGO Dimensions Packs

This is the complete list of all the LEGO Dimensions packs ever released. There is currently 42 LEGO Dimensions packs that have been released.


Aquaman Fun Pack

Back to the Future Level Pack

Bad Cop Fun Pack

Bane Fun Pack

Bart Simpson Fun Pack

Benny Fun Pack

Cragger Fun Pack

Cyberman Fun Pack

Cyborg Fun Pack

Doc Brown Fun Pack

Doctor Who Level Pack

Emmet Fun Pack

Eris Fun Pack

Ghostbusters Level Pack

Gimli Fun Pack

Gold Ninja Fun Pack

Gollum Fun Pack

Jay Fun Pack

Joker and Harley Quinn Team Pack

Jurassic World Team Pack

Krusty the Clown Fun Pack

Laval Fun Pack

Legolas Fun Pack

Midway Arcade Level Pack

Ninjago Team Pack

Nya Fun Pack

Portal 2 Level Pack

PS3 Starter Pack

PS4 Starter Pack

Scooby Doo Team Pack

Sensei Wu Fun Pack

Slimer Fun Pack

Stay Puft Fun Pack

Superman Fun Pack

The Simpsons Level Pack

Unikitty Fun Pack

Wicked Witch Fun Pack

Wii U Starter Pack

Wonder Woman Fun Pack

Xbox 360 Starter Pack

Xbox One Starter Pack

Zane Fun Pack