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Swappable Characters

This is the complete pictorial list of all the possible combination of characters you can create by connecting the top and bottoms of the Skylanders: Swap Force swappable characters.


Blast Blade

Blast Bomb

Blast Buckler

Blast Charge

Blast Drilla

Blast Jet

Blast Kraken

Blast Loop

Blast Ranger

Blast Rise

Blast Rouser

Blast Shadow

Blast Shake

Blast Shift

Blast Stone

Boom Blade

Boom Bomb

Boom Buckler

Boom Charge

Boom Drilla

Boom Kraken

Boom Loop

Boom Ranger

Boom Rise

Boom Rouser

Boom Shadow

Boom Shake

Boom Shift

Boom Stone

Boom Zone

Dark Blast Bomb

Dark Blast Buckler

Dark Blast Charge

Dark Blast Drilla

Dark Blast Jet

Dark Blast Kraken

Dark Blast Loop

Dark Blast Ranger

Dark Blast Rise

Dark Blast Rouser

Dark Blast Shake

Dark Blast Shift

Doom Blade

Doom Bomb

Doom Buckler

Doom Charge

Doom Drilla

Doom Jet

Doom Kraken

Doom Loop

Doom Ranger

Doom Rise

Doom Rouser

Doom Shadow

Doom Shake

Doom Shift

Doom Zone

Enchanted Hoot Bomb

Enchanted Hoot Buckler

Enchanted Hoot Charge

Enchanted Hoot Drilla

Enchanted Hoot Jet

Enchanted Hoot Kraken

Enchanted Hoot Ranger

Enchanted Hoot Rise

Enchanted Hoot Rouser

Enchanted Hoot Shake

Enchanted Hoot Shift

Enchanted Hoot Zone

Fire Blade

Fire Bomb

Fire Buckler

Fire Charge

Fire Drilla

Fire Jet

Fire Loop

Fire Ranger

Fire Rise

Fire Rouser

Fire Shadow

Fire Shake

Fire Shift

Fire Stone

Fire Zone

Free Blade

Free Bomb

Free Buckler

Free Charge

Free Drilla

Free Jet

Free Kraken

Free Loop

Free Rise

Free Rouser

Free Shadow

Free Shake

Free Shift

Free Stone

Free Zone

Freeze Bomb

Freeze Buckler

Freeze Charge

Freeze Drilla

Freeze Jet

Freeze Kraken

Freeze Loop

Freeze Ranger

Freeze Rise

Freeze Rouser

Freeze Shadow

Freeze Shake

Freeze Shift

Freeze Stone

Freeze Zone

Grilla Blade

Grilla Bomb

Grilla Buckler

Grilla Charge

Grilla Jet

Grilla Kraken

Grilla Loop

Grilla Ranger

Grilla Rise

Grilla Rouser

Grilla Shadow

Grilla Shake

Grilla Shift

Grilla Stone

Grilla Zone

Hoot Blade

Hoot Bomb

Hoot Buckler

Hoot Charge

Hoot Drilla

Hoot Jet

Hoot Kraken

Hoot Ranger

Hoot Rise

Hoot Rouser

Hoot Shadow

Hoot Shake

Hoot Shift

Hoot Stone

Hoot Zone

Legendary Free Bomb

Legendary Free Buckler

Legendary Free Charge

Legendary Free Drilla

Legendary Free Jet

Legendary Free Kraken

Legendary Free Loop

Legendary Free Rise

Legendary Free Rouser

Legendary Free Shake

Legendary Free Shift

Legendary Free Zone

Legendary Night Bomb

Legendary Night Buckler

Legendary Night Charge

Legendary Night Drilla

Legendary Night Jet

Legendary Night Kraken

Legendary Night Loop

Legendary Night Ranger

Legendary Night Rise

Legendary Night Rouser

Legendary Night Shake

Legendary Night Zone

Magna Blade

Magna Bomb

Magna Buckler

Magna Drilla

Magna Jet

Magna Kraken

Magna Loop

Magna Ranger

Magna Rise

Magna Rouser

Magna Shadow

Magna Shake

Magna Shift

Magna Stone

Magna Zone

Night Blade

Night Bomb

Night Buckler

Night Charge

Night Drilla

Night Jet

Night Kraken

Night Loop

Night Ranger

Night Rise

Night Rouser

Night Shadow

Night Shake

Night Stone

Night Zone

Nitro Magna Bomb

Nitro Magna Buckler

Nitro Magna Drilla

Nitro Magna Jet

Nitro Magna Kraken

Nitro Magna Loop

Nitro Magna Ranger

Nitro Magna Rise

Nitro Magna Rouser

Nitro Magna Shake

Nitro Magna Shift

Nitro Magna Zone

Rattle Blade

Rattle Bomb

Rattle Buckler

Rattle Charge

Rattle Drilla

Rattle Jet

Rattle Kraken

Rattle Loop

Rattle Ranger

Rattle Rise

Rattle Rouser

Rattle Shadow

Rattle Shift

Rattle Stone

Rattle Zone

Rubble Blade

Rubble Bomb

Rubble Buckler

Rubble Charge

Rubble Drilla

Rubble Jet

Rubble Kraken

Rubble Loop

Rubble Ranger

Rubble Rise

Rubble Shadow

Rubble Shake

Rubble Shift

Rubble Stone

Rubble Zone

Spy Blade

Spy Bomb

Spy Buckler

Spy Charge

Spy Drilla

Spy Jet

Spy Kraken

Spy Loop

Spy Ranger

Spy Rouser

Spy Shadow

Spy Shake

Spy Shift

Spy Stone

Spy Zone

Stink Blade

Stink Buckler

Stink Charge

Stink Drilla

Stink Jet

Stink Kraken

Stink Loop

Stink Ranger

Stink Rise

Stink Rouser

Stink Shadow

Stink Shake

Stink Shift

Stink Stone

Stink Zone

Trap Blade

Trap Bomb

Trap Buckler

Trap Charge

Trap Drilla

Trap Jet

Trap Kraken

Trap Loop

Trap Ranger

Trap Rise

Trap Rouser

Trap Shake

Trap Shift

Trap Stone

Trap Zone

Wash Blade

Wash Bomb

Wash Charge

Wash Drilla

Wash Jet

Wash Kraken

Wash Loop

Wash Ranger

Wash Rise

Wash Rouser

Wash Shadow

Wash Shake

Wash Shift

Wash Stone

Wash Zone